Al-Qaeda plotting attack on Britain

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Al-Qaeda plotting attack on Britain

According to the head of MI5, Al-Qaeda is planning a terrorist attack in Britain and warns of a Paris style atrocity on British soil…

The Telegraph reports: Andrew Parker, the Director General of the Security Service, warned that the threat of a “mass casualty attack” was growing and that intelligence pointed to the existence of specific plots.

Security was stepped up on Wednesday at British ports, and armed police were put on patrol at the Eurostar terminal at London’s St Pancras station.

Mr Parker warned that although three terrorist plots had been foiled in recent months, it was almost inevitable that one would eventually succeed.

MI5 officers have increased surveillance of British fanatics who they fear may launch copycat attacks, after 12 people were slaughtered by al-Qaeda gunmen at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

Intelligence has shown that the Syrian arm of a resurgent al-Qaeda is planning similar outrages against the UK, possibly by British jihadists who have already returned from fighting in Syria or Iraq.

They include plans to blow up a passenger jet; Mumbai-style shootings in crowded places; or even hit-and-run attacks using vehicles.

Mr Parker said the number of random “crude and potentially deadly” plots from “lone wolf” extremists was increasing.

In a stark warning, he said: “Although we and our partners try our utmost, we know we cannot hope to stop everything.”

It is feared that a lack of cooperation from internet companies means that there is a risk of terrorists slipping through the net because MI5 cannot track them.

Mr Parker warned that terrorists may soon be able “to operate beyond our reach” as he renewed calls for enhanced access to digital communications.


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