‘She-Hulk’ Star Says Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed To ‘Control How A Child Identifies’

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Marvel’s She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany has criticized a new law which requires school staff to obtain parental consent before using a student’s new name or gender identity.

Maslany also slammed parents who refuse to accept the woke theory of “pronouns” saying they should not be allowed to “control how a child identifies.”

The Orphan Black actor blasted the Canadian province of Saskatchewan after authorities put an education law in place that requires schools to notify parents when their child is experiencing gender confusion, including the child’s desire to use special “pronouns” in class. The new rules also prevent schools from transgendering a student unless a parent approves.

Breitbart reports: Left-wing activists are furious over the law, of course, and during an appearance at a Canada Walk of Fame event at Hotel Saskatchewan, Maslany, well-known as an LGBTQ activist, has sided against the law preventing schools from engaging in gender politics of their own volition.

In comments to the press last week, Maslany insisted that parents should have no measure of control over their own children, and exclaimed, “It should not be in the control of parents how a child identifies.”

“It’s an overreach on the part of the provincial government to legislate that. It’s absurd,” she added, according to CTV News.

The Marvel actress went on to insist that children have rights and parents do not have any rights over their children.

“Children have rights. Children are human beings who have knowledge and who know themselves and we should be taking cues from them. In so many ways, we should be taking cues from them. Listening to them, empowering them to know who they are and to name that,” she opined.

“It’s their right. It’s not the parent’s right,” she insisted.

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