Ukrainian Soldiers Begin Shooting Citizens Who Are Not Nazis

Fact checked
Ukrainian soldiers begin shooting Ukraine citizens who refuse Nazi ideology

Ukrainian soldiers have begun shooting their own citizens who do not share the same neo-Nazi ideology as they do.

Yes, really.

According to interviews obtained by independent journalist Patrick Lancaster, residents of Mariupol say they are being shot at by the infamous Azov Brigade, a neo-Nazi group fighting with the Ukrainian military.

One man, who does not share their neo-Nazi views, said he was almost hit twice by a sniper, and declared, “Azov”, when asked who the sniper was fighting for. reports: After Lancaster suggested the sniper may have thought he was in the military, the man explained he was wearing the clothes seen in the video and that “they shoot at civilians.”

“They don’t shoot military, only civilians,” the man added. “They eliminate civilians. They are actual fascists.”

Another man interviewed by Lancaster echoed the theory that the snipers in the neighborhood are “Nazi guys”, saying, “Ukrainian Nazis are shooting, they just kill people. They kill civilians, women, men, everybody.”

Asked to explain for the camera who the Azov fighters are, the man said, “They collected all the nationalists, some are even from prison. They pay good money to them, and they kill people just for no reason.”

When Lancaster told the locals US and European media claim Russia is destroying cities and killing people, the man said in his experience, “Russia doesn’t shoot at people at all.”

At this point, a crying woman walked up to the camera and told the journalist that if not for Russian assistance, they would be hungry and thirsty along with most of the children in the city.

The woman and a man, possibly her husband, said their apartment was destroyed by “Ukrainian” tanks.

Lancaster documented as a volunteer passed out food to some of the citizens, and an elderly woman raised a loaf of bread to the sky in appreciation to God for the gift.

As he frequently does, Lancaster allowed several citizens to deliver on-camera messages to their loved ones around the world who may see the video.

This side of the ugly war is not being covered by mainstream media in what is becoming a disturbing cover-up.


  1. Ukrainia has been in the top 10 most corrupt countries for decades Now since they’re nazis were all supoised to live them as if the whole world is a Germany under Hitler again That us as if the while world is Catholic.

  2. Thank you to NewsPunch for covering this story, if not for you, most of us probably wouldn’t know about this.
    This is absolutely horrifying, but not surprising, we did know that Ukraine is run by the Nazis. Prayers for all
    people having to suffer in Ukraine, I pray this is over soon. Americans should know that WILL be coming here
    as well unless things change.

  3. The Russians have been forced into this war, the process started with Victoria Nuland’s false flag coup of 2014, against the pro-Russian government of Ukraine. The script for this war has already been written by the globalist new world (dis) – order, any ‘facts’ which undermine or contradict the script will be dismissed or ignored. The only hope is that Russia is able to rewrite the script incontrovertibly on the ground.

  4. Zelensky is doing the bidding of his puppet masters trying to get the entire world on board to paint the Russians and Putin as the common enemy. He is a snake and a fraud. Nothing more than a comedian/actor at the helm of the world’s most corrupt government. We shouldn’t be sending aid or getting involved in this but our governments no longer work for us.

  5. They are not neo-nazis, they are ashka-nazis, and they who call themselves jews but are not are the synagogue of Satan. Know them by their fruit. “Ashkenaz” is one of the most disputed Biblical placenames. It appears in the Hebrew Bible as the name of one of Noah’s descendants (Genesis 10:3) and as a reference to the kingdom of Ashkenaz, prophesied to be called together with Ararat and Minnai to wage war against Babylon (Jeremiah 51:27). Babylon,meaning America. They are very crafty at tricking their enemies into being their friends and supporters, using lies of course. Ararat means Israel, the holy land.
    Georgia and the Ukraine was once their kingdom, however they want the entire world to serve them as slaves. The term Slov, came about when they made the slavic people their slaves. Even the JDL says they are “pro jewish” like its a badge of honor.
    These are the generations of the sons of Noe: Sem, Cham, and Japheth: and unto them sons were born after the flood. [2] The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and MAGOG, and Madai, and Javan, and Thubal, and Mosoch, and Thiras. [3] And the sons of Gomer: ASHKENAZ and Riphath and Thogorma. ands, every one according to his tongue and their families in their nations.
    They are tricky like psychopaths. Making you trust them, or pity them, with LIES, so they can stab you in the back.

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