Study: Bill Gates’ Lab Grown Meat Causes Cancer in Humans

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Study finds Bill Gates' lab grown meat causes cancer in humans

Bill Gates’ lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans who consume it, according to a disturbing new study.

Synthetic meat has been heavily promoted by Bill Gates and the globalist elites at the WEF as the solution to so-called climate change. However, this same food has now been shown to cause cancer via the immortalized cell lines used to manufacture it. reports: Raw Egg Nationalist (REN) shined a light on this issue in a Feb. 17 piece for the National Pulse, citing a Bloomberg story about it. The Feb. 7 piece by Bloomberg‘s contributing writer Joe Fassler explained why fake meat companies use immortalized cell lines for their products.

“Normal meat cells don’t just keep dividing forever. To get the cell cultures to grow at rates big enough to power a business, several companies … are quietly using what are called immortalized cells, something most people have never eaten intentionally,” Fassler wrote.

While immortalized cell lines “are a staple of medical research,” Fassler noted that these are technically pre-cancerous and can be fully cancerous at times.

“The problem is that the materials used to make the product – ‘immortalized cell lines’ – replicate forever, just like cancer. Which means, in effect, that they are cancer. Industry types are ‘confident’ that eating such products poses no risk. But it’s not difficult to see, even if the products are ‘proven’ safe, how people might be put off by the thought that they’re eating a glorified tumor.”

According to REN, the dangers of fake meat made using immortalized cell lines come from the fact that long-term safety data for its consumption are not yet available. Fassler pointed out that immortalized cells in these products can multiply indefinitely if placed under the right conditions.

“This brings with it safety, but also image concerns,” he wrote.

To back up Fassler’s point, REN cited an instance where New York City Mayor Eric Adams – a vegan – attended a VIP event sponsored by cultured salmon manufacturer Wildtype. While several attendees enjoyed tasting the cultured salmon, Adams excused himself and left the event without taking a single bite of the fake fish.

Other ingredients in fake meat can also cause health issues

Aside from immortal cells in lab-grown meat being possible carcinogens, ingredients in these products that are meant to mimic the taste and texture of the real thing can also cause health issues. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) reported on the issue in September 2022, zooming in on the fake meat products from the California-based Impossible Foods.

The health freedom group cited a study conducted by the company involving rats fed with the Impossible Burger. The research was done under the assumption that fake meat products would have minimal impacts, if none at all. But the study’s findings came out differently.

The study found that soy leghemoglobin (SLH) caused “inexplicable alterations within rat biology.” Rats fed SLH experienced unexplained weight gain and changes in blood indicating the onset of inflammation or kidney disease and possible signs of anemia. SLH, which is derived from genetically modified (GM) yeast, is responsible for giving the Impossible Burger its meaty taste and making it bleed like animal meat when cut.

Another ingredient in Impossible Burger that caused health issues is herbicide-tolerant soy protein (HTSP). Impossible Foods introduced HTSP to the burger recipe in 2019 to improve the product’s texture and avoid gluten, the wheat protein that some people are unable to tolerate. As a result, fake meat burgers can contain residues of the herbicide glyphosate sprayed on soybeans – which are then processed into HTSP.

Tests commissioned by the advocacy group Moms Across America confirmed this finding. Based on tests performed at the Iowa-based Health Research Institute Laboratories, Impossible Burgers had glyphosate levels of 11.3 parts per billion. This was 11 times higher than the glyphosate detected on the Beyond Meat Burger, which used plant-based ingredients that did not undergo genetic modification.


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  3. Stop purchasing and consuming ‘Beyond Meat”, ‘Impossible Foods”, ‘MILQ’, lab grown eggs. All Gates ventures.

    • Find my channel on BitChute (not hard to do but you can’t post links here) and on the right-hand side, locate the most-watched video, which is a 14-second tutorial on the proper way to sample fake meat.

  4. TRUTH!!! but what about our cattle and chickens full of toxic heavy metals and chemicals-UNTESTED BY THE FDA and our pet food that is nothing but rotten road kills and rotten and cancer filled REJECTED human food.ANYONE who has worked at the food production trades knows all to well how bad it is

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  6. Introducing ‘mewery,’ the new lab meat made of algae cells
    In a first of its kind, two Czech scientists have combined pig cells with microalgae to create a fake meat product that doesn’t require FETA BOVINE SERUM to grow.
    FETAL BOVINE SERUM in 666 Bill Gates’s fake meat is the blood of aborted baby cows.

    Ultimately, the process will allow them to add vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids, the scientists told Food Navigator. Besides making it easier to add the synthetic nutrients, the microalgae help reduce production costs, they said.

    Also in a first, they have coined the new process “mewery,” a play on the combination of brewery and microalgae. The researchers said lab-designed pork won’t be their only product. To ensure an unlimited source of the mewery pig cells which will enable them to mass produce the products in their lab, they’re forming a biobank to cultivate even more meat products.

  7. If you don’t already know, here’s the truth: The cabal poison everything. Food, drinks, clothing, everything they make. Their goal is to kill off 95% of humanity.

  8. What in God’s blue planet are people doing, still talking about long-dead Bill Gates? Memory of his disasters begin when he & Allen stole QDOS from Seattle Computer’s Rod Brock for the outrageous low sum of $10,000 plus flimsy royalties… only to then bootleg the code and call it their own?

    May he burn in hell for evil mischief all across modern computing.

  9. Anything Bill Gates is part of is nothing but an agent of death. Gates himself is an agent of death. How could there still be people who don’t understand this????

  10. Important story to follow, thank you. And like all current debates, especially involving any new unproven, under-tested, under-regulated introduction to the environment or our body, the onerous must be on the profit making company to prove their product to be, at the least, not harmful. This simple and obvious standard would likely disallow 90% of products from entering the supermarket. Fully 90% of what you see in the supermarket aisles is ultra processed and it really should not be labelled food. My standard would be for the maker to argue/prove the necessity that their product is, in the short and long run, more beneficial and necessary for society than all the natural alternatives that have been researched. Ahhh, and then what do we have here… surprise, the author feels the need to take the opportunity to politicize, polarize and thus conflagrate the issue – here tagging fake meat to the global climate debate, and global elite. Yes profiteers like Gates will try to profit from climate change, veganism, epidemics, etc, without accountability. But lets be clear, the problem lies not with a cabal or reset or the emerging elite who own a large chunk of the world economy. They are just the players who are maximizing the old but rapidly expanding story of a too heavy hand of a corporate military industrial complex that we were warned about decades ago. Uncontrolled capitalism gobbling up and running the world at an unprecedented rate so no-one would hesitate now calling it an agro-pharma/chemical-tech-media-MILITARY-government-industrial complex, with yes some influential Western countries at the helm but without a doubt now flanked by capitalism amok in most countries, including the very large communist co-conspirator China. And yes, we home grow people like Gates, Koch’s, etc. to dominate even at this breathtaking scale. And Americans have some crazy notion that lining up radically on the left and right and each yelling Fascism is somehow the answer. Americans on both sides are unwilling to disrupt what’s left of their standard of living thus enabling the monster and it’s wrath to spread worldwide. 435 legislate tors at the federal level and maybe five or speak out against the military industrial complex; maybe 15 or 20 doing something about the outrageous abuses of the pharmaceutical industry, etc. etc. Just reducing the military budget by 1/3, could solve all the problems of the US AND the world – no need for Republicans and Democrats to squabble over crumbs left over from the 40% of our federal taxes going to the war machine. Problems of migration, homelessness, drugs, debt, healthcare, environment Social Security etc. could go poof if Americans got some involvement and backbone. But alas, our great talents have met another level of siphoning through the culture wars of the internet.

  11. Synthetic meat causes cancer in humans. Also they are attempting to inject the vaccine in meat.

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