Ted Lieu: I’ve Asked FEC to ‘Look into’ Trump’s July 4th Event

Fact checked
Ted Lieu has asked the FEC to look into Trump's 4th July event

Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu has requested the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to “look into” President Trump’s July 4th event.

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Lieu said he took issue with the RNC handing out “VIP passes” to major donors at the independence day celebrations.

“One of the big problems with Trump’s July 4th event is that it was a campaign event paid for by the American taxpayer,” Lieu said.

“Not only did he divert millions of dollars to this event, he also had the Republican National Committee give out passes, VIP passes to major donors. That was outrageous. That was really a violation of our ethics and he made a mockery of our Independence Day.”

“Trump diverted $2.5 million of national park fees to pay for his party, and I’ve asked the Federal Election Commission to look into this,” Lieu added.

“Because how can you have all of this taxpayer money do this event and then have the Republican National Committee be involved in such a major way, handing out VIP passes to their major donors?”