Hillary Clinton Drops out of Cybersecurity Event Due to ‘Unforeseen Circumstance’

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Hillary Clinton withdraws from cybersecurity event due to unforeseen circumstance

Hillary Clinton has pulled out as keynote speaker for an upcoming cybersecurity conference due to an “unforeseen circumstance.”

The former Democratic presidential nominee was due to attend the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit on October 9-10, where she had agreed to engage in a Q&A with FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia about the “geopolitical landscape and its implications for global cybersecurity today.”

Neither FireEye nor a Clinton spokesman responded to a request from The Daily Caller for further information, but a source at FireEye claimed “something is up” with Clinton’s speech.

Newsmax.com reports: Her name also is not included in an online list of the summit’s speakers.  

Clinton came under investigation for running a homemade email server for official business while she was secretary of state. 

The server was unveiled after confident Sidney Blumenthal had his AOL account hacked, which revealed emails to her address. 

Further, emails from the account of campaign chairman John Podesta were hacked and put out on WikiLeaks. 


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