Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly Resigns

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Ottawa police chief

It has been confirmed that Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly has resigned.

Ottawa City Councillor Riley Brockington confirmed the resignation, saying on Twitter that an official announcement would be made by the Police Services Board following a meeting with the Ottawa City on Wednesday.

His resignation comes amid the freedom convoy protests and as PM Justin Tredeau declared martial law in Canada to suspend the basic civil rights of all residents in an attempt to crush the protests.

The Ottawa police response to the trucker convoy’s ongoing demonstrations has been heavily criticized for a perceived lack of enforcement under Sloly’s leadership.

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  1. Dustbin Trousseau s expecting him to be compliant in acting illegaly with his Dictatorial Despotic crimes against democracy and the will of the people. I imagine Dustbin gave him the options of obey my command or shove off.

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