Alberta Premier Vows To Cut All Ties With WEF: ‘Shadowy Billionaires Controlling Politicians’

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Alberta’s conservative Premier Danielle Smith has vowed to cut all ties with the World Economic Forum — the globalist organisation headed by Klaus Schwab — because she refuses to work with a group of billionaires that openly brags about controlling governments around the world.

“I find it distasteful when billionaires brag about how much control they have over political leaders,” Smith said at a news conference Monday after a journalist asked why she finds the WEF “distasteful.”

“That is offensive — the people who should be directing government are the people who vote for them.”

“Quite frankly, until that organization stops bragging about how much control they have over political leaders, I have no interest in being involved with them.”

The United Conservative Party premier said she is in lockstep with federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who has stated he and his caucus will have nothing to do with the World Economic Forum.

The brave decision to shun the World Economic Forum by the Alberta Premier comes as the globalist organization continues to ratchet up its rhetoric.

According to a recent interview with Yuval Noah Harari, lead adviser to Klaus Schwab and the WEF, the global “elite” will escape an upcoming global mass-extinction event courtesy of a “technological Noah’s Ark.”

Harari, whose middle name happens to be Noah, made prediction about the “technological Noah’s Ark” while taking part in a discussion at the Warwick Economics Summit on Friday. According to Harari, the vast majority of the world will perish while the world’s “elite” are set to escape the global mass-extinction event.

CNN’s Bill Weir, who hosted the discussion, followed up by suggesting the Covid pandemic was the “dress rehearsal” for the upcoming event.

According to Harari, so-called “elites” will shield themselves from planetary catastrophes while the rest of humanity perishes. Harari made remarks while discussing “climate change,” which he framed as “the most pressing threat facing humanity.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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