Putin “Bombed The S**t” Out Of ISIS In Syria: Oliver Stone

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US neocon warmongers want Russia to get into a nuclear conflict in Syria on behalf of Israel to protect ISIS.

Putin tells Oliver Stone that no one would survive such a nuclear conflict.

Putin: “I believe you will not deny the fact that one should hardly back those who kill their enemies and eat their organs.

Russia has been aggressively pushing back against ISIS in Syria for nearly two years otherwise the terror organisation would be in Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and the Caucuses by now.

Or, as Oliver Stone puts it, Russia has been bombing “the shit” out of ISIS since the beginning of the Syrian war.

Veterans Today reports: The warmongers and Neocon puppets and marionettes certainly do not appreciate that, presumably because ISIS again has been doing the work of the Israeli regime in Syria. Last January, we are told that

“Russian long-range bombers have destroyed two Islamic State command centers, along with weapons and ammunition depots in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province – the latest in a series of strikes against the jihadists in the area.”[1]

The same thing happened in February, during which Russian jets eliminated at least 650 jihadis in just a matter of hours.[2]

The Guardian, which gave people like George Soros a platform to say that “Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis,”[3] does not really want to talk about the fact that Putin has been obliterating ISIS in Syria at all because that would ruin the perverse idea that Putin is “a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than Isis.”

Newsweek also didn’t want to give Russia credit for eliminating ISIS leader Ibrahim Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,[4] who, as VT has reported back in 2014, happened to be the “son of Jewish parents” and a “Mossad agent.

In November of 2015, it was reported that Russia killed at least 600 ISIS militants were killed during the period of four days. Neocons and warmongers cannot let that continue. They have to stop it. And the best way they are trying to protect ISIS is to summon unnecessary conflict with Russia.

As Gordon Duff has rightly said during a recent interview on Press TV, the warmongers want Russia to get into a nuclear conflict in Syria for Israel, which would be a total disaster for the entire world. Putin told Oliver Stone that no one would survive in such a conflict. Do the warmongers and Israeli regime care? Will they suspend their diabolical plan and submit their will to the moral and political order? Will they be docile to reason?

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By Jonas E. Alexis

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