Biden RAGES: ‘Trump Was a F**ing A**hole Who Wasn’t Really an American President’

Fact checked
Joe Biden called President Trump 'a f-king asshole isn't really president'

Before he ran for president Joe Biden falsely claimed that Donald Trump was not the U.S. president, during a conspiratorial meeting with his team.

According to a new book, When Biden spoke to his team about running in 2020, he cited Trump’s ‘illigitimate’ presidency as his main reason.

“This guy just isn’t really an American president,” Biden declared to his stunned team. reports: The comment was recalled by Biden’s political adviser Ron Klain who was present for the meeting in the book, Peril by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.Biden was deeply unsettled by Trump’s presidency, especially after his comments about the riots in Charlottesville.

“I just feel like I have to do this,” Biden said. “Trump represents something fundamentally different and wrong about politics.”

The book also recounts other incidents of Biden’s views on Trump behind the scenes.

After Biden was inaugurated as president, he walked into one of the rooms in the White House where Trump had set up a large video screen to practice golf.

“What a fucking asshole,” Biden commented.

The Biden team also hated using Trump’s name, the book reports, warning each other to avoid the “T word” in their daily routines.

Even eight months later, Trump continues to weigh heavily on Biden’s mind.

In September, Biden appeared aware that Trump had spoken about entering the boxing ring with the president as part of a promotional interview for a fight.

“I mean — you know. I should be so lucky,” Biden told reporters. “You know what I mean?”


  1. Because it Hillery’s was also rigged like his and Hillery was suppose to win, they had to bring in someone more intelligent then Hillery’s crew for Joe’s steal. That person couldn’t have been a democrat and must have been a Rhino?

  2. Ever since Obama declared a foreign head if a foreign state and an absolute Monarch as the Moral. Authority for the rule of law The Democrats have been guilty of fulfilling George Washington worst fears whwh he wroyltecin HIS PRIVATE letters that the greatest threat to Americas democracy would come from Pope’s and prince’s.. No man can serve two masters and you cannot pretend to be a democrat and have your main loyalty to an Absute Monarch. Its incompatible.

  3. If you ever had chickens, you know the rats will eat on their feet while they sleep standing up – We Better Wake Up – Now

    • I don’t think so Ubtill you understand the significance of the role of monarchs on the world stage you won’t have a clue really about what is secretly driving the show. You MUST know every actors religion.

      • They often disguise their religion. There’s a lot of crypto Jews that claim Catholic. But all religions have been infiltrated by Luciferians.

  4. Sounds like a “fairy tale” book.

    No one with more than one functioning brain cell believed the house plant known as “Joe Biden” could even put together a sentence.

  5. Donald J. Trump Vs. Joe Biden, how they compare as leaders

    Donald J. Trump is no politician. He is truly an American patriot, of the same ilk as our founding fathers. A man who places his fortune on the line to benefit this nation, not for his own fame, financial success, or self-glorification, he already had all of those things. Rather because he loves America, and all Americans.

    And just like our founding fathers, the President comes with blemishes. Each and every one of us does. But what he has sacrificed, just to lead this nation in its darkest hours, can never be calculated. Nor will it be appreciated by the majority of Americans. He not only has lost half of his yearly earnings to accept the job, he even donates every cent of his over $400,000 a year salary to chosen causes.

    Compare that with his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama. Obama walked into the office with a meager million dollars to his name and walked out with a combined wealth (with Mrs. Obama) of $41 million.

    Considering Obama’s total government income was $569,000 he created a lot of unaccounted wealth during the same period of time that President Trump was losing up to half a billion dollars annually doing the same job.

    President Trump has received disrespect and non stop attacks on him and his family for simply loving this country and the American people .

    Trump’s accomplishments are legendary. No one else has stabilized the middle-east as he has. Our wars are winding down while peace between foes is blooming. He even accomplished what the past 11 Presidents failed to accomplish which is bringing home the remains of all our Korean war hero’s. FWIW the entire media establishment failed to report this astonishing achievement .

    Compare that to Biden, who as VP brokered a deal to earn his son millions from both China and Ukraine. Whose policies empowered Iran and North Korea. Whose Defense Secretary Robert Gates said: I think Joe Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

    I am proud of President Trump and wish there was some way to award him with a True American Medal. He is the first president to sacrifice everything, his wealth, his good name, his reputation, for the benefit of us all. Only our founding fathers sacrificed as much.

    Joe Biden takes everything, living off of politics for nearly 50 years. President Trump gives America everything while losing millions. /blockquote>

  6. What does it matter, they are both hasbeens, maybe Trump can be a sportscaster on the Golf channel and Biden can be in a commercial for Alzheimer’s medications. In order for the Luciferian Bankers who run the world to make you rich and famous and President you must be untarnished, not a spot. Those two lost that spotless image. The chosen one must be like Lucifer, completely evil, but with the persona/false image of purity and goodness, as to never be questioned or criticized. Of course behind the facade he must have some dark and forbidden sins and secrets they can use against him to totally control him. That is how it is done. The Luciferian Bankers have no national interests, they are the OWO, NWO, they own China Russia & that tiny little nation that can’t be named and they will use every American President to take down America, after Australia, and then Europe, Canada and every nation on earth and re-purpose them all into their NWO model=China the prison camp torture chamber posing as a nation. Regime change and elections are just freemasons replacing people who may still have souls, for the world Bank trillionaires benefit alone. Look at who they give us to choose from to be President; it is bupkis or snot take your pick.

  7. thats funny joe cause over 80 million people feel the same about you & Barry. And thats just here in the United States never mind the world. You remember the the USA dont you joe? cause The USA remembers your Treasonous Ass.

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