Mueller Extends Russia Probe To Include Trump Supporters On Facebook

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Robert Mueller extends Russia probe to include Trump supporters on Facebook

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has extended the Russia probe to include American citizens who dared show Donald Trump support on social media during the election.

Mueller has said he wants a “red-hot” focus on how ‘Russia’ sought to sway the outcome of the election using Facebook and other social media sites, and has vowed to look into posts that were supportive of Trump in the lead-up to the election in November.

Yahoo News reports: As Mr Mueller’s team continues to probe possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow’s alleged attempt to interfere in the election, he is said to be focussing on how Russia was able to influence voters thought Facebook and other social media platforms.

Bloomberg News said the special prosecutor, appointed after Mr Trump fired James Comey in May, is seeking information from companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Last week, Facebook revealed it had sold $100,000 of adverts to fake Russian Facebook accounts, bought by a mysterious company linked to the Kremlin, which posted divisive advertisements about race, gay rights and gun control.

Mr Trump has always been loathe to admit that Russia may have influenced the election, in which he lost the popular vote. Yet Hillary Clinton, the woman he beat by means of the Electoral College despite her amassing three million more votes than him, has seized on the issue.

“The latest disclosure by Facebook about the targeting of attack ads, negative stories, dovetails with my concern that there had to be some information provided to the Russians by someone as to how best to weaponise the information that they stole, first from the Democratic Committee, then from John Podesta,” Ms Clinton told the New Yorker.

“[This tactics were] right out of the playbook of Putin and one of the generals whom he listens to, who talked about the kind of war planning and preparation that Russia needed to be engaged in.”

She added: “It was no longer just large, conventional forces and nuclear warheads – it was also cyberwar, covert and semi-covert, even overt, as we saw in Ukraine.

“This attack on our electoral system was at least publicly encouraged by Trump and his campaign. I hope the investigation in the Congress and by [Robert] Mueller, as well, will give us more information and understanding of what else they really did to us. It’s not going away.”

Both Mr Trump and Vladimir Putin have denied colluding over the 2016 US presidential election.

Ms Clinton, who is currently promoting a new book, What Happened, that details her defeat to the reality television star and analyses some of the reasons for it, is relentless in her criticism of Mr Comey, who ten days before election day said the FBI has reopened its investigation into her use of a private email server.

It quickly transpired that the new probe was not related to her emails, but to those of Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman and estranged husband of her top aide.

She also claims the ongoing threat from Russia is huge and that the Trump administration is failing to address it.

“Putin wants to undermine democracy, to undermine the Atlantic alliance, to undermine the EU, to undermine Nato, and to resurrect Russian influence as much as possible beyond the borders,” she said. “So the stakes are huge here.”

Bloomberg said several US intelligence agencies, including the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI, were now working to determine what could be done to prevent a repeat of Russia’s alleged meddling.

Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee, have said social-media companies must be more forthcoming about what they saw happening on their platforms last year.

Mark Warner, the senior Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he believed last week’s admissions from Facebook appeared to be the tip of the iceberg.

“I think there’s going to be much more,” he said. “This is the Wild, Wild West.”


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  2. So what part of “yea, Russia hates Hillary too” is so hard to accept? If Russia was helpful to America is dumping these vampires off our necks than GOD BLESS RUSSIA! I really do not care because to quote Hillary, “what difference (to anyone but YOU) at this point does it make”? I think Hilary belongs in prison along with Obama. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

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  5. There have been DOZENS of stories on this site in the last couple of weeks that deserved more comments than this article deserves yet no comments were made.. this article is nonsense smoke and mirrors yet 7 people have already commented.. it just goes to show what stupid people amewhoricans are .. when are you idiots going to wake up and see how you are being led to slaughter??.. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ while you still can… you are about to be nuked…..

    • The wolves are among the flock. Get rid of the wolves, and mebbe the rest of us will think about it.


      When you rid yourselves of the Swaggarts, Tiltons, Osteens and pedo priests, and the architecture and monuments to priests, reverends and preachers, mebbe we’ll think about it.

      …mansions, yachts, private planes – with incomes, health and retirement benefits – and wardrobes – denied to the flock, etc.

      …and, now, instead of thinking about the failures among the church leadership, you’ll deny, obfuscate, and rationalize their behavior – and justify your own lack of courage in getting rid of the sinful, immoral and unethical men and women who lead you …and who have sullied, irreparably, the reputations of the church …and of your savior.

  6. If Mueller finds out that a Russian, who is now a US citizen, supported Trump on FB, or anywhere else, he will likely blow it so far out of proportion that we will hear about it for months on the MSM. It already is way out of proportion with respect to any rational reality.
    I think President Trump in his wisdom gave Muller, as whacky as it may sound, the laughable job of doing nothing. He may even get a few pats on the head from President Trump.

  7. smh. Anyone who thinks Russia is the problem is so far out of touch with reality, they should be under medical supervision.

  8. Zero concrete evidence that the redundancy of spy agencies informed the American people nor have they confiscated the servers by both political parties regarding to the corruption in the e-mails?

    Where’s the story/investigation and prosecutions on the cheating by D&RNC and WHY is there little to No reports on the DNC fraud case where the DNC attorney admits wrong doing, but fascist tactics are o.k. to deny competition between the two Top income brackets?

    Weird how that story is not available so something more devious is actually taking place Against our “fair elections”.

  9. Mueller hit a brick wall in the Russia probe, with Trump as the prime subject, and now he’s grsping at straws in order to sustain Comey’s lies.It’s time to start investigating Comey, McCabe, Mueller and Rosenstein for their conspiracy to overthrow Trump through false “evidence” and illegal surveillance. The use of a Socialist Press has always been a Communist tool and Alinsky would be proud of Mueller.

  10. If “the stakes are huge” as this vile monster stated, then why did she facilitate the sale of 20% of the national stockpile of uranium?

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