Students Across The US Protest Debt In Million Student March

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Students are set to unite across the United States on Thursday in a Million Student March to protest against tuition fees, student debt and higher wages for campus workers.

Over 106 campuses across the US are expected to participate.

The protest was only organized two days ago, but thousands of people signed up to attend via Facebook groups.

RT reports: “We are people of all colors, genders, and sexual orientation, and we are united to fight for education as a human right,” the movement’s statement reads.

Organized primarily through Facebook by students, numerous marches are expected to hit US states from Seattle and Florida to California and Vermont, with a total of 106 universities and colleges planning to participate.

It’s unclear how many students are going to take part. “Together, we can build an independent movement capable of winning tuition-free public college, a cancellation of all student debt, and a $15/hr minimum wage for all campus workers!” the Million Student March website says.

million student march

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