The Donald Got Trumped By Black Lives Matter Protesters At Raleigh

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black lives matter

Donald Trump was heckled on numerous occasions at a rally in North Carolina, by “Black Lives Matter” protesters.

The protesters were scattered around the arena in Raleigh on Friday listening to to the latest speech by the Republican presidential candidate.

Gawker reports:

During a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday night, Trump’s speech was continually interrupted by groups of protesters, by some guesses as many as ten separate times. The protesters all appeared to be associated with Black Lives Matter, and were positioned randomly throughout the arena.

Trump continually points at the protesters and then at another spot, perhaps signaling to security, a tight-lipped smirk plastered on his face. At one point, he responded to a protester with a simple, uncomfortable “hello.”

Latest News Youtube video:

Some reports say that there were five separate incidents, with others going as high as 10. Each time, Trump supporters moved quickly to remove them from the arena or “covering them in coats,” according to CNN’s Noah Gray.

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