Trump Surges Ahead Of Clinton In The Polls Amid Media Blackout

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Trump surges past Clinton in the polls

Donald Trump has overtaken his political rival Hillary Clinton in a major new poll out this weekend, as mainstream media outlets have refused to publish the results to the public.

Amid a widespread media blackout, the Republican candidate is back in the lead, following a major shake-up in his campaign’s team. reports:

Following a major shake-up in his campaign’s leadership with the hiring of seasoned political operative Kellyanne Conway to manage the effort and controversial Brietbart CEO Steve Bannon to consult on messaging, Donald Trump has seen a meteoric rise in daily tracking polls jumping eight points to somersault past Hillary Clinton calling the corporate media’s coronation of the former Secretary of State into question.

The poll, released by USC/LA Times asks a portion of 3,000 US citizens randomly across all households and demographic groups who they prefer for president. The poll is conducted each day to measure any volatile shifts in the candidates’ performance and to gauge the momentum of the race. The poll finds that Trump now holds a two point lead over Clinton, nationally.

The poll found Donald Trump seven points ahead of Hillary Clinton at the start of the Democratic National Convention marred by WikiLeaks revelations of a coordinated effort by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC, and the mainstream media to undermine the electoral chances of opponent Bernie Sanders. The press were actually told to report spoon fed lines from political operatives “without attribution” in order to create a false narrative. Esteemed journalists such as dean of the Nevada political press corps and MSNBC correspondent Jon Ralston happily did as they were told.

But then, we witnessed a near historic capsizing of the Donald Trump campaign fueled by an artfully constructed smear campaign that labelled, in newspapers across the United States, the Republican nominee as a secret agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the attacks extending to his staff and closest advisers – including Paul Manafort, who has since been forced to resign, and three-star US General Michael Flynn, the man who actually warned the Obama administration in vein about the threat of Daesh (known colloquially as ISIS).

Between the resurgence of McCarthyite attacks by association and missteps by Donald Trump himself, most notably of which was an egregious public spat with the Gold Star family of American war hero Humayun Khan who sacrificed his life to save hundreds of his fellow soldiers based primarily on the fact that the family was Muslim.

The damage, both wrought by the media and, to a large extent self-induced, caused Trump’s stock among voters to cascade down nearly seven points while Hillary Clinton’s fortunes with the American electorate jumped an additional seven points – a 14 point swing in less than three weeks.

Yet, it appears that a new on-message Trump has begun to soar after apologizing to the public for “hurting others” by “sometimes using the wrong words,” in stark contradiction to his previous stance that he has “the best words.”

Trump has also attempted to appeal to new demographics, including the African-American community and younger voters, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll see advances with these voter groups.

Trump now finds himself securing 45% of the electorate versus 43% for Hillary Clinton in what may go down as the greatest political comeback in American history – or just as likely another blip in a long campaign cycle.

Nonetheless, despite the gravity of the new poll results MSNBC’s Morning Joy on Saturday, spoke about a poll in which Donald Trump only secured 1% of the African-American vote – in a poll with a margin of error of three percentage points meaning, if those results were to be believed, Trump could have less than zero support among the black community.

While demographics are certainly a relevant issue in the political cycle, so is the timing of polling. The poll which was cited by the corporate media was conducted from July 31 to Aug 3 – at the heart of Trump’s collapse in polling nationally.

CNN’s State of the Union showed the same three weeks outdated poll on Sunday afternoon while not referring at all to more recent and relevant polling results that are contrary to the narrative that Hillary has already won the race. This followed a segment on how Donald Trump is no longer really a candidate for office, but instead is only going through the motions in order to start his own news channel.

By contrast, the major US news agencies covering the election, including CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and the New York Times, have failed to mention at all the major poll, conducted by a nationally recognized newspaper in conjunction with a prominent research university which shows Trump winning as of yesterday.