Modeling Agency Provided Jeffrey Epstein With ‘More Than 1,000 Underage Girls’ – Report

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Jeffrey Epstein was provided with more than one thousand underage girls by Jean-Luc Bruno, the head of a French modeling agency

Millionaire and convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly provided with more than one thousand underage girls — some as young as 12 — by a French modeling agency, new reports reveal.

One of Epstein’s partners, Jean-Luc Bruno, was suspected of procuring minors for his sexual gratification. Bruno opened an international modeling agency called MC2 through which he managed to collect over 1000 teen and pre-teen girls for Epstein.

According to testimony by some of Bruno’s former employees, he would obtain visas for the girls to enter the United States and would even join Epstein on journeys around the world.

JPost reports: The Jewish millionaire was arrested in July in an airport in New Jersey after leaving Paris where he stayed for three weeks. Epstein stayed in Paris 11 times throughout the last year before his arrest, reports claim.

Epstein even owned an apartment in the heart of Paris, where many underage women were seen alongside celebrities, whose names were banned from advertising.

One of the key testimonies in the case against Epstein claims that she was working for Bruno’s modeling agency when she was raped by him and the owner of a hotel chain in southern France.

Four years ago, a crisis broke out between the criminal friends and Bruno sued Epstein for libel.

Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell over a week ago. This was confirmed by a coroner following suspicions that his death was not at his own hands. Although Epstein had been on suicide watch, he was taken off watch two days before his death.

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