Pastor accused of forcing vasectomies and abortions on congregation, while children were secretly sexually abused

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Ohio pastor accused of forcing vasectomies and abortions on church members, while children were secretly sexually abused

Former members of Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio have accused church leader and televangelist Ernest Angley of demanding they have abortions or vasectomies, and that he would both engage in and turn a blind eye to sexual abuse in the church.

These serious allegations about came about as a result of a two-month investigation by Akron Beacon Journal reporter Bob Dyer. Former members of the congregation began to contact Dyer during the summer about concerns they had regarding Angley and his ministry.

Twenty one former members of the congregation spoke with the Beacon Journal in its six-part series on various allegations made against the 93-year-old preacher. Former members said he pushed vasectomies and abortions, and that he would personally examine “the genitals of the male parishioners before and after their [vasectomy] surgeries,” the Beacon Journal wrote.

But the allegations of sterilization and abortions are only the tip of the dark accusations made against Angley and some of his followers,the NY Daily News reports:- “In one shockingly disturbing claim of sexual abuse against children at the ministry, former member Shane McCabe says he was molested as a teen by a close Angley associate who was practically pardoned by Angley when he heard.

“He asked if I had told anybody. I said no. He said, ‘Let’s keep it a secret. This is the way we need to handle it because God’s mercy is great,'” McCabe told the Journal.

That was allegedly Angley’s same passive response when McCabe warned that the sexual predator had attended his birthday party as if looking for new children to abuse.

Tragically for McCabe, it wouldn’t be until years later that his future wife would confess that she too had been abused by a member of Angley’s ministry as a teen.

Kim McCabe said she’d told her mother, who went straight to Angley. Instead of helping, Angley advised her not to tell anyone, including her husband.”




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