Turkey is bombing Turkey

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Turkey has finally deployed its jets in the crisis-hit region and bombed, um, Turkey.

According to a report on the Hurriyet news website, Turkish jets bombed Kurdish militants in the south-east of the country.

Turkey’s military would only say it had responded “in the strongest way” to three days of PKK shelling of a military outpost in Hakkari province, near the border with Iraq, without confirming the air strikes.

If confirmed, the bombing would represent the first major air operation against Kurdish militants since the launch of a peace process two years ago that sought to end a 30-year insurgency.

Turkey has been accused by Kurds of standing by while Syrian Kurds were slaughtered across the border in Kobani.

Turkish tanks have been overlooking the city while it was gradually overtaken by Isis militants, with only Kurdish fighters offering any resistance, sparking pro-Kurdish protests in Turkey and other cities around the world.

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