UFO sightings spell disaster

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UFO sightings spell disaster according to some watchers of the skies. There are hundreds of reports every year and they seem to increase in frequency and concentration shortly before natural disasters.

No one knows exactly why. Also, no one to date has even managed to film a shot of a UFO which proves, once and for all, that they exist for real.

The proliferation of close to hand smart phones and digital cameras has meant the rate of reported sightings accompanied by typically blurry, shaky images has increased enormously and 2015 has been the best ever for sightings.

But you have to ask the question – why won’t these guys just stand still so someone can get a decent shot?

The San Diego sightings currently being documented in the media have prompted a discussion about the connection between UFO sightings and impending natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami and tornadoes.

The Juan de Fuca fault which runs down the West Coast of the US from Oregon to Baha and branches into the San Andreas fault has been active recently, prompting fears of another major earthquake like the Chile 8.8 magnitude in 2010.

Undersea volcanoes are popping up along the Juan de Fuca fault line which suggests there are multiple fissures or cracks appearing in the rock between the two plates of the Pacific and American ridge. The recent Calbuco volcanic eruption in Chile is on the same fault line.

There are many videos and photos already showing UFOs near disasters, recorded and captured by thousands of people around the world. UFO sightings during disasters were also depicted for thousands of years in paintings and hieroglyphics.

Recently, strange objects have been seen near in many seriously damaging disasters, such as the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

Added to this mysterious scenario is the unprecedented increase of triangle UFOs that have been witnessed in different countries and with great detail than ever before.

Many videos about UFOs in the middle of disasters have been making rounds online. Among these mysterious aerial objects are black triangle, beaming lights and dark spheres. Recently, a video was posted to YouTube showing dark-colored sphere circling against a massive tornado’s spiraling vortex winds.

If the UFO spotters have got it right, there is something nasty just around the corner connected to the West Coast fault line.

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