Video: Researchers Find Young Blood “Fountain of Youth”

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Researchers have known that younger mice blood has a rejuvenating effect on older mice for years. Now the first human trials on the science-fiction-like phenomenon are being conducted and hopes are high. The secret to reversing some effects of aging might be in the blood of the young.

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Ready to drink from the fountain of youth by consuming young blood?  Researchers have begun the first human trials based on successful trials on mice that proved the blood of younger mice rejuvenated older ones.  Now, in a science-fiction-like step forward, hopes are high that the blood of young human holds the secret to reversing some effects of aging.

GeoBeats News reports:

Young Blood & It’s Power

For the past few years, scientists have studied the impact young mice’s blood has on older mice—and the stunning results offer significant hope for treating age-related diseases.

Old mice who received young blood showed significant new neuron growth in the brain’s hippocampus. Their muscles become rejuvenated. They run mazes faster than regular mice their age and last longer on the treadmill.

And young mice who received old blood? They aged prematurely.

Similar effects on human beings might sound like speculative fiction. But the first human trials began in 2014—testing younger plasma on Alzheimer’s patients—and the results are due by the end of the year.

The idea isn’t entirely new. In fact, it’s almost medieval.

In 1615, a German alchemist theorized that a fountain-of-youth-like effect might be achieved by transferring blood from the young to the old.

No record of any experiment exists and later attempts to test the theory ran afoul due to a lack of now basic information regarding blood types and coagulation. The results were deadly and transfusion itself was quickly banned.

When blood transfusion made a comeback, it was strictly used to heal the sick.
Soon we’ll know whether blood holds the answer to fighting back age itself.

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