Video: Why Are Armed Troops Patrolling Residential Streets?

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Armed Troops Patrolling Residential Streets

Just last month, a video from Fort Lauderdale, Florida last month surfaced that showed disturbing footage of military, police, and armed troops patrolling residential streets – while they also harassing and “practicing” internment of innocent United States civilians as what is thought to be part of the upcoming “Jade Helm” military exercise happening across American states.  Many across the country are asking why this exercise is even necessary in the first place.  Others are asking if it is part of some sort of training should large areas of the country need to be closed into a martial-law style scenario.

Yet, again and again, the United States government has denied that the training operation is nothing more than that – a training exercise.  An article by The Washington Post has attempted to clear up any misunderstanding about the exercise by saying:  “The mission is vast both geographically and strategically: Elite service members from all four branches of the U.S. military will launch an operation this summer in which they will operate covertly among the U.S. public and travel from state to state in military aircraft. Texas, Utah and a section of southern California are labeled as hostile territory, and New Mexico isn’t much friendlier.

That’s the scheme for Jade Helm 15, a new Special Operations exercise that runs from July 15 to Sept. 15. Army Special Operations Command announced it last week, saying the size and scope of the mission sets it apart from many other training exercises.

‘The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, a command spokesman, said in an e-mail. “Training exercise Jade Helm is going to assist our Special Operations Soldiers and leadership in refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat.’

The exercise has prompted widespread conspiracy theories that the United States is preparing to hatch martial law.”
Armed Troops Patrolling Residential Streets

Yet, this week an even more disturbing video from Ontario, California – located about 60 minutes from Los Angeles – shows armed troops patrolling residential streets and harassing innocent people.

A report from Information Liberation states about the video above:  Video footage out of Ontario, California shows armed National Guard troops patrolling residential streets and practicing traffic control.

The video, which was shot this past weekend, features Guard troops marching in formation while chanting a military cadence. Troops also take turns to practice blocking traffic.

The troops, followed by a humvee, marched close to an elementary school and single family homes.

“I just watched it again and recognized the low block wall and the elementary school! It was right there where my sister and her husband live! OMG how frightening!” one YouTube commenter responded, while others insisted the patrols were a routine occurrence.

However, another respondent insisted that the patrol was not normal.

“During the last few seconds I got a quick glimpse of my sister and brother-in-laws house on Fuschia. Ave,” wrote the commenter.”That motorcycle was parked almost in front of their house. They told me they saw this procession going on from their front yard. They have lived in that house for 30 or so yrs and this is the first time they have seen this type of thing in their neighborhood. Might be a common thing to do their training someplace else but not in that area.”

Concerns about the presence of troops on American streets have heightened since the announcement of Jade Helm, an upcoming nationwide military exercise which some fear is a dry run for martial law.

As we reported earlier this week, a National Guard drill based around dealing with civil unrest after a dirty bomb attack in Richmond, California featured role players acting as angry Americans yelling ‘right-wing’ rhetoric.

Footage captured by a local shows Guard troops pushing irate citizens away with batons before one of the protest group states, “I’m a sovereign citizen, I refuse to recognize you guys, I refuse to recognize you.”

Disturbing video out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida last month also showed military and law enforcement practicing the internment of citizens during martial-law style training.