WikiLeaks: CIA Disguises Its Own Hacking To Appear Russian

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WikiLeaks accesses CIA of framing Russia in DNC hacking scandal

CIA documents released by WikiLeaks reveal how the spy agency routinely masks its own cyberattacks to make it look like it came from another foreign country, such as Russia. 

In a dump of hacked CIA files, the agency admits to regularly framing Russia, China, and North Korea when hacking domestic entities in the USA. reports: It’s the latest revelation from holed-up fugitive Julian Assange, who released 676 files from the CIA that prove its software capabilities in waging cyber warfare.

But it’s one Russia’s foreign minister picked up on when WikiLeaks first dumped about 9,000 files of the CIA’s cyberespionage toolkit on March 7, including hacking into Smart TVs and phones and using them as surveillance devices.

Sergey Lavrov said “the CIA could get access to such ‘fingerprints’ and then use them,” making the point that the Russians were wrongly blamed for hacking the Democrats and meddling in the presidential election.

Officials questioned CIA contractors who might have provided Assange with the classified as a way of getting back the CIA for job losses.