Attorney Suing Elite Pedophile Ring Shot Dead

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An attorney who was working on multiple legal cases against members of an elite pedophile ring was shot dead in the street in broad daylight in Atlanta on Monday.

An attorney who was working on multiple legal cases against members of the elite pedophile ring was shot dead in Atlanta on Monday.

Trinh Huynh, 40, was working pro bono with abuse victims on several legal cases involving high-profile elite pedophiles outside of her regular work at a law firm, and was said to have a “take no prisoners” attitude towards pedophiles, regardless of their status in society.

The brave attorney was executed in the street by multiple gunshots at 7:40am in midtown Atlanta on Monday in what police have described as a “targeted killing“.

The killer was captured on CCTV released by police and can be seen “acting calm” before identifying and approaching Huynh, shooting her in cold blood, and then casually jogging away after the killing.

Police have now arrested the alleged assassin, 39-year-old Raylon Browning, over the shooting, but admit they have yet to connect the dots between him and his victim.

Officers arrested him in nearby Cobb County after he was pulled over for running a red light by traffic police. A police spokesman said Browning was “unfazed” by the allegations.

Those who knew Huynh said she was an amazing woman with a kind heart who “always had a smile on face” despite the harrowing nature of her job.

But according to police, the brave attorney, fighting the elite pedophile ring, may have made herself a target.

We definitely believe that she was a target,” Lt. Ricardo Vazquez said. “Why she was a target, we do not know that yet.”

Trinh Huynh, left, with CCTV images of her assassin, right.

Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson said the 39-year-old alleged killer was also wanted on assault charges stemming from a separate incident on Sunday, where he allegedly stabbed two people.

The officers did not know Browning was a suspect in Huynh’s murder when they arrested him, the Journal-Constitution reports. Police later found what is believed to be the murder weapon in his car.

The arrest comes after CCTV footage showing the man – believed to be Browning – in the moments directly before and after the shooting on Huynh.

The man was spotted walking down Peachtree Place to the junction of Peachtree Road, where he shot Huynh in the back before fleeing the way he came.

I look up and see the woman, she just drops in the crosswalk bleeding,” witness Toney Booker told Fox 5 Atlanta.

She’s clutching her wound trying to keep pressure, and then she went unresponsive, So civilians run out to her and give her chest compression’s to bring her back, while they’re applying pressure.

She was pronounced dead later, at Grady Memorial Hospital.

The killer didn’t talk to Huynh before he killed her – suggesting that the killing was “targeted” – police said, earlier this week.

We see him following her in another piece of video,” Vazquez said. “There was another person in that intersection and it appears that he specifically targeted her.”

He added that the killer was unusually calm throughout. A connection between the shooter and Huynh hasn’t yet been established, Vazquez said.

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Huynh was as an in-house lawyer at UPS who had previously worked at law firms Powell Goldstein and Alston & Bird, reported.

Outside of work, she traveled extensively and was active in both pro bono legal work and volunteering.

Huynh was a member of the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network, which provides free legal services to immigrant victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault and other crimes.

The 40-year-old was born in Saigon, Vietnam, but came to America as a child immigrant. She graduated Princeton University in 1998 and Emory University School of Law in 2004.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. fuck….maybe it’s time to execute elites/rulers/those in power? sounds like reasonable sacrifice for the greater good of humanity, wouldn’t you agree…

    • We need Capital Punishment; otherwise, criminals don’t suffer consequences!! Nothing deters them!!

      • If capital punishment worked the USA would be the safest country on the planet. Same thing with all of the guns. If more guns make you safe again the USA would be the safest country on the planet but it isn’t. It’s a shithole

        • It is indeed a shithole, and it would be worse without an armed citizenry. The biggest threat to American citizens is the government… even more so now that someone as dangerous as Trump is presiding over them. The only thing stopping a genocide from happening on American soil is the fact that an armed revolt would take place.

          Never forget that the number one cause of death in the past century is Democide (governments killing their own people.) But it’s never occurred on American Soil… except for when the American Government slaughtered natives… most of whom did not have guns.

          • I am very much in favour of responsible gun ownership but the US government definitely doesn’t fall int that category. I am far more concerned about the US governments than I am about foreign terrorists. I suspect that this is because the US government is the world’s biggest terrorist organisation.

          • So go find lots of “the right people” and then go find someone to lead them in an altruistic direction.

          • The fake MSM refuses to report on guns that save lives. Thugs are shot dead daily by gunowner civilians … saving their future victims but it’s impossible to prove a positive outcome projected. So we use stats. In CC states crime is down. TX is a great example.

      • In Turkey they cut off the hands of thieves, so in this case may cutting off the offending member might discourage this, which would be their hands and their sexual organ, and shots of depo provera to keep those uncontrolled and lack of conscience members from offending again. Read riding the testicles and penis is not necessarily going to stop them from offending as the urge is still there, so that is why depo provera would have to be given as well, to men. I think the majority of abusers are male, pathetic to take a helpless innocent child to get your rocks off. Really bullies from the bowels of hell.

    • Read that no gets in a high position unless they have something on them, that way they get them to do what they want them to do. Pedophilia is promoted at the Bohemian Grove, which all Presidents and foreign heads estate go once a year. Read that they did sacrifices of children historically but now they use simulations of live people. God only know. But their meeting is huge and very secret. Alex Jones did a recording on it when he snuck in with a camera and it was on YouTube, maybe still is. Not sure he is a tell all as I read he is Jewish and is under their control and has backed of the pedophilia stories, and recorded a video where he apologized to anyone he “might have offended.” Possible that he was threatened to shut up. A vet4childrescue team is beefing up and needs donations but the route to those donation were cut off after they raise $50K in one hour. People desperate to help donate. Problem finding their sites. but look under “” who cut off the funding. Not sure if enough pressure to open their site for donations again. Leaving a message about what’s the deal might help.

    • Indeed Anna. In my opinion the members of the US military are derelict in their duty to protect America and Americans against the country’s domestic enemies in government, the shadow government, banking, public health agencies and busy running pedophile rings and chemtrailing us and the planet. All these people need to be neutralised as a matter of urgency to restore sanity and a safe environment in the USA and the world. So sick of these frigging psychopaths running the show!

      • We need to stop electing them. No one stays longer than 3 years in Congress or Senate, Presidents get one term. Supreme court judges get 6 years each, 2 leave every year. Once these people stay longer than that they are so corrupt and owe so many creeps they will not do the job for Americans. One person, one vote. That would do away with gerrymandering. No electoral college. The population is well enough distributed now in the US.

  2. This won’t be the last !! These POSs won’t give up, they’ll have to be dealt with in kind !!!

  3. I’ve also read that she was assassinated because of her inquiry into the I-85 bridge collapse in Atlanta. Seems she was ruffling feathers from all angles.

  4. Give me 5 min with that hit man and I will make him rat his employer out. Petafilers are the scum of the earth and there actions effect generations of people. We as a human race need to take a stand against these dirt bags.

  5. They are saying that she was hit to silence her work on the real cause of the I 85 catastrophe — that seems absurd to me but is taking over the narrative, swamping this story. Can it be that the entire highway collapse was engineered to wipe out this woman and her story? We must know more about her ‘multiple legal cases’.

    • Oh, I posted on this above. It may not be either/or but a combo. There’s no way that tall overpass, or any interstate could be taken out by a fire. 9/11 all over again. I think the I 85 collapse was engineered as a test run. Much of the food for Atlanta comes down I 85 and it certainly controls access to and from Atlanta. As for the brave attorney, would love to see the legal papers she requested on I 85. As to her work on the pedofiles, would like to know more about who and what.

  6. Who is handling her cases now? Protect them and arm them responsibly Evil violent shooting man should get executed

  7. I don’t think there’s any truth here. She was a construction attorney investigating the bombing of the bridge in Atlanta. About 12 hours after requesting info on the bridge she was gunned down. She was not know to work on such cases as this. UPS had her pull the info, which she didn’t get. Just 3 bullets, and this isn’t the guy who did it either he’s the patsy.

  8. I pray that a BRIGHT LIGHT WILL EXPOSE all that these evil people have done in secret and JUSTICE is exacted upon every single one of them. I pray for an end to the horrible abuse of children by these wealthy elitist who feel entitled to abuse and use whom ever they choose. I pray all their money is cut off and all they have done to others is done to them. God grant this precious woman justice! I pray her killer sings like a bird and gives up those who hired him to do her in.


  10. An earlier story said she had requested legal papers on the Atlanta I 85 interstate that was taken out. This made sense since there is no way that a homeless person can start a fire under a tall overpass and take it down. False flag! But hearing about her involvement with pedophile ring suggests they may have done a two-fer. Both of these stories deserve posting. Thanks for this post.

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