Biden’s Family Admit Elite Replaced ‘Real’ Joe Biden Years Ago 

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Is Joe Biden just another compromised pedophile selected by the globalist elite to serve as a puppet president – or is there something even darker and more dangerous going on?

Is Joe Biden just another compromised pedophile selected by the globalist elite to serve as a puppet president – or is there something even darker and more dangerous going on?

Biden’s debate performance last week was the stuff of nightmares for liberals, with prominent Democrats joined by leftist media outlets calling for Biden to exit the presidential race.

Now members of Biden’s own family are admitting that the real Joe Biden is not the man making decisions at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

A series of damning videos featuring Biden glitching have raised serious questions about his health and whether he is being represented in public by actors and in videos by AI.

At this point we have to ask, is there anything real about Joseph R. Biden – or is the Biden presidency the biggest con job in history?

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Democrats have been accused of using a Joe Biden body double after a barely recognizable, “re-energized” Biden appeared on the campaign trail the day after his disastrous debate performance.

Speaking in a clear, booming voice over a crowd of supporters, Biden sounded nothing like the man who stammered and whispered his way through a disastrous debate performance the night before.

The re-energized Biden, who appeared to have a different eye color, addressed the stumble-filled debate performance which has alarmed Democrat voters, triggering mass panic in his party, and leading to the New York Times to call for him to stand down for the good of the country. Watch:

Many people believe the globalist elite selected Joe Biden to have a compromised puppet in the White House whose strings could be controlled by hidden hands.

We are now witnessing evidence of the charade and we are compiling evidence of their deceptions.

One of the actors pretending to be Joe Biden was caught walking to his car in a back parking lot without secret service, looking far more sprightly than the man who had to be helped off the debate stage by his wife.

The White House has Joes in different post codes.

For those who have been paying attention, there has been evidence that they have been doing this stuff since the early days of Biden’s term in office.

Watch these two videos, released by the White House on the same day last year, and pay close attention to Biden’s physical appearance and his voice.

Will the real Joe Biden please stand up?

Just as the frail and rasping Biden who debated Trump is clearly not the “re-energized” Biden from the campaign event, it’s clear these two Bidens are not the same man.

Remember the video that supposedly took place on the White House lawn and featured what can only be described as a fake microphone? Or was the microphone real and Biden fake?

It’s a lot easier to control actors and Deep Fake AI puppets than real leaders elected by we, the people.

With an AI Deep Fake, they don’t even need to use the same actor all the time, and the actor doesn’t have to resemble the person they are supposed to be — they just switch out the actor and add a Deep Fake on top in post-production.

The Democrat deceptions do not end there. Wait until you hear what a former CIA chief of disguise has admitted about what they were doing while she was at the agency. And a Biden granddaughter has a bombshell admission about how the elite are using her grandfather in a Weekend at Bernie’s style hoax.

The global elite and Deep State are so determined to win this election they have been prepared to go to any lengths to keep the moribund corpse of Joe Biden in office.

Former CIA Chief of Disguise Jonna Mendez admits that while she was at the agency, they developed masks that can be used by actors to play the roles of important people in real life.

Mendez also hinted the CIA now has even more advanced technology in this area.

In April, the skin on Biden’s neck gave the game away. Many people on social media, including Mendez, claimed that the man pretending to be the president of the United States was clearly wearing a mask.

If you are wondering what that looks like from the front, consider Exhibit B.

Joe Biden is less a president and more a traveling theater production requiring multiple actors and teams of make up artists and Deep State masters of disguise to maintain the deception and pull the wool over the eyes of the voting public.

It all sounds like the perfect scenario for former president Obama, who admitted that he would love to serve a third term by having a puppet in the White House.

Unfortunately for the global elite, average Americans are now waking up and realizing that Biden is a fraud and a fake.

Even his own family are keen to throw him under the bus.

His daughter Ashley recently accused him of sexually molesting her as a child. The media called this out as fake news and Russian disinformation until Ashley testified to a judge that her diary was real.

Biden’s son Hunter calls him “Pedo Peter” behind his back.

And now his granddaughter – one of the lucky ones he chooses to acknowledge – says he died in 2019 and has been played by actors ever since.

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