The View Co Host Joy Behar Says Antifa Doesn’t Exist, Its A ‘Fictitious Idea’

Fact checked
Joy Behar

Joy Behar declared this week that the violent left-wing group Antifa is a ‘fictitious idea’ and not ‘a real thing’

Despite Antifa’s well-documented history of violence, Behar isnsisted that the group did not even exist during Mondays episode of ‘The View’.

On the program Behar called out comments by GOP Senator Ron Johnson , who said he would have been more worried if the people who stormed the US Capitol on January 6 had been Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, rather than supporters of former president Donald Trump.

Behar called Johnson a racist and dismissed Antifa completely.

“If I was surrounded by people carrying weapons, people erecting nooses, screaming ‘hang Mike Pence,’ bludgeoning a police officer to death, I might be a little scared,” Behar said. “But Ron? No, he’s not scared of those people. He’s scared of this fictitious idea of Antifa. A thing that doesn’t even exist. He needs to go. He needs to go, and soon.”

Fox news reports: Conservative co-host Meghan McCain later said the idea Antifa doesn’t exist is “factually inaccurate and a lie,” but the fiery Behar didn’t appreciate the retort.

“I just want to clarify that Christopher Wray who was the FBI director says that Antifa is an ideology, not an organization. There is no sign that they were involved in the Capitol siege, let’s be clear,” Behar said.

McCain shot back, “I’m not saying they were involved in the Capitol siege, I’m saying they exist.”

“That’s all, I’m done,” Behar said.

You said it was a fantasy. You said Antifa doesn’t exist and it’s a fantasy,” McCain said.

“It’s an idea, it’s not a real thing,” Behar said as the show cut to a commercial break.