Face Masks ‘Work’ But Have To Be ‘Well-Fitted’ & ‘High-Quality’ Says Fauci

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Dr Fauci

President Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci is still hailing the benefits of wearing face masks and he reflecting on the covid related decisions made since the start of the pandemic.

On Monday’s broadcast of the Hill TV’s “Rising”, Fauci stated that it is “very, very clear that masks do work in prevention of acquisition and transmission,” but he added “they have to be well-fitted” and “of a high quality”

Breitbart reports: Fauci said, “I think the masking situation is one that is really critical that would have been done differently. First of all, we did not fully appreciate that a well-fitted [N95] or [KN95] mask is much, much better than a cloth mask and to wear a good mask, the data now are very clear that masks are very good at preventing both the acquisition of and transmission of infection. There was a lot of conflicting data back then as we were in the early months of 2020. So, the recommendations were a bit confusing about whether to wear a mask or not, whether you should wear a cloth mask or what have you. Right now, we are very, very clear that masks do work in prevention of acquisition and transmission, but you’ve got to get a well-fitted mask that has — of a high quality. And the two we know are high-quality are an N95 or a KN95.”

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