Fauci Says It’s ‘So Disturbing’ That Some Trump Supporters Are Rejecting The Covid Vaccine

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Dr Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci who believes getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is a ‘no-brainer’, said that it is “disturbing” that some Trump supporters are unwilling to get the shot.

Polls showed that about half of US men who identified themselves as Republicans said they had no plans to get the vaccine

Fauci, who is the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head made his comments on Sunday during NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ program where he aslo said he hoped former president Donald Trump would urge his supporters to get the vaccine

Breitbart reports: Anchor Chuck Todd asked, “I want to talk about vaccine. He has hesitancy here. We are seeing a bigger divide by politics. We talked about it earlier. For instance, among Trump voters, 47% have said they’ll not be vaccinated, 30% say yes, and half Republican men say they’re not going to take this vaccine. You have the PSA with all the former presidents except one, President Trump, in there. Do you think he needs to be enlisted here at all toll get his voters to take this vaccine?”

Fauci said, “Chuck, I hope he does because the numbers that you gave are so disturbing, how such a large proportion of a certain group of people would not want to get vaccinated merely because of political consideration. It makes absolutely no sense, and I’ve been saying that for so long.”

He added, “We’ve got to dissociate political persuasion from what’s common sense, no-brainer public health things. The history of vaccinology has rescued us from smallpox, from polio, from measles, from all of the other diseases. What is the problem here? This is a vaccine that is going to be l for millions of people. How some groups would not want to do it for reasons that I just don’t understand. I don’t comprehend what the reasons for that is when you have a vaccine that’s 94% or 95% effective, and it is very safe. I don’t get it.”


  1. Ruining their Master Plan ? Death rates compared globally from 2019 to 2020 showed no significant increase at all .There is no pandemic Its an medical and MSM driven creation

  2. Try asking the person giving you the shot for a full disclosure of facts about the vax s/he’s giving you. You want FULL DISCLOSURE OF THE FACTS so you can make an informed decision about whether to take the shot or not. What are the risks for all of the different types of vaccines available. The fact is actual drug trials are made with volunteers and they are given a full disclosure of the facts so they can make an informed decision about wanting to continue in the trial or not. Otherwise, you are a guinea pig for the drug company.

  3. Therapeutics is the way to go, Many very Cheep things work early on if you happen to come down with Covid. HCQ, Wormwood Tea. The Heartworm Medical treatment human version of course

  4. There are those of us who do not want these vaccines, but the time may soon be coming when we will be socially and financially ostracized. This is already happening in Israel! Search ILANA RACHEL DANIEL posted by Pino1970@ on Bitchute.
    These are not old-fashioned vaccines we’re dealing with now. Aside from the fetal stem cell descendants in Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine, they are experimental genetic modification (and may or may not also include extra goodies supplied by population reductionists like Bill Gates). I’ve read several accounts where people have suffered terrible side effects after getting vaccinated, and many have died soon after. Plus we don’t know what the long-term effects will be. Maybe nothing will happen to you, but when you play Russian roulette with a revolver, you can pull the trigger five times and nothing will happen. Is it love for your neighbor to be the one who pulls it that one fateful time?

  5. For more information regarding the Covid vaccination, get familiar with the Natural News website. Honest information provided regularly…

  6. I agree with Eye of Horus, full disclosure of all vaccine risk is required. Several vaccines have already been dumped due to risk, for example a 2 billion dollar effort in AU, as the vaccine test subjects turned HIV positive, so down the tubes. There are some vaccines in phase III trials showing promise. They’re being tested well and are not out yet. One in particular where, so far, no recipients have shown allergic reactions or significant side effects and are quite effective. These companies are taking a more careful approach. Will see how that goes.

    Statistics and reports on two rapid vaccs are a bit concerning, not too surprised, they were rushed to market. Some experimental vaccs should be haulted and studied, according to a number of key experts.

    Others will be green lighted, and have been, along with better prophylactic treatments, which is good for doctors, as thousands of mutations and numerous strains are out there, and some early vaccs were too receptor-site specific, and for practical purposes are somewhat outdated. That’s not too surprising, flu shots are pretty hit and miss at times, as well.

    Just reflections based on years of study.

  7. Mass murderer along with his brother Gates, should be rotting in solitary confinement along with the DOJ,FBI,CDC,NHI, CIA,congress, senate SCOTUS, Bankers, military generals , all assets given to the homeless and real poor

  8. Sorry, no offense but Fauci is frustrated clossetted gay italian. not very smart either….probably like to r(&* kids.

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