Billboard Erected In South Jersey To Educate People About Chemtrails

Fact checked

The sign in Woodstown, Salem County marks the first of its kind in America


In a first of its kind, a South Jersey billboard is warning passersby about the dangers of chemtrails.

The billboard which is located in Woodstown, Salem County, says “LOOK UP Your Weather is Engineered” and directs people to find out more at the website

Part of their mission statement reads:

BBBS is a dedicated global public environmental movement who seeks to be a voice for all living creatures and ecosystems, to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment, air, water, land and which our sustenance depends.

“We use education, peaceful protest and creative communication to expose one of the world’s largest and most significant ecological threats and pre imminent disasters, commonly known as Chemtrails or Climate Engineering.

These programs are done under “National Research” wherein plausible deniability can always ensue.  This is the toxic spraying of nano particulate metals which are  further conducted by ionospheric heaters to steer, direct and control our weather for military purposes.  Chemtrails are the means, electromagnetic frequencies are the method.

Bye Bye Blue Sky is an independent movement that any one person or group can join.”

Truth Kings report:

Brian Hickey of covered the story of the BBBS campaign. He notes his own infatuation with taking pictures of chemtrails (below are a few of his gems).


The campaign as it stands, however, is in financial trouble. According to Hickey who posted a new story over the matter just days later, BBBS is experiencing a shortage of funds to keep the billboard campaign alive and well. Hickey posted a link to the fundraiser in the article.

Roberts also shared a new online fundraiser being held in the hopes of keeping Sharon Marsh LePere’s billboard messaging woke through the summer. It was created Tuesday and – as of Friday morning – had drawn $600 of the $1,400 goal.

The billboard campaign is quite important. The fact is, it is the very first of its kind in the United States. Chemtrails have long been considered by mainstream media as a conspiracy theory with no basis in reality. A traditional campaign, such as billboards, helps bring to the forefront new swaths of people who might reconsider such hardline stances. Government manipulation in our skies is a reality.