The Washington Post, Which Endorses Biden, Declares Biden Did Nothing Wrong

Fact checked
The Washington Post, who endorsed Biden, completely exonerates Biden of any wrongdoing

The Washington Post, which endorsed Joe Biden for president, has investigated his foreign lobbying scandal and declared that Biden is totally innocent.

The Biden-supporting newspaper has exonerated their favorite candidate.

On Wednesday, the New York Post revealed details of emails recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop that exposed how Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive in a Ukrainian energy firm a year before Biden pressured the government of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating that very company.

The explosive story went viral online, despite determined efforts by Big Tech and the mainstream media to censor it.

“However, according to The Washington Post, then-Vice President Biden played no role in pressuring Ukraine officials into firing the prosecutor, who also was not investigating the energy firm,” states a Twitter summary, promoting WaPo’s investigation.

“It also doesn’t detail whether the elder Biden actually met with Hunter’s Ukrainian business associate.” reports: Late last month, the Washington Post editorial board announced the least shocking news ever, that the newspaper was officially endorsing Joe Biden for president, asserting that he “would restore decency, honor and competence to America’s government.”

So in other words, a Democratic Party establishment mouthpiece that has a long history of supporting Democratic presidential candidates and recently threw its weight behind Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, has concluded that Joe Biden did nothing wrong.

Wow, time to wrap it up. Scandal over.

Meanwhile, Goldilocks has concluded the official investigation into herself over claims of ‘eating the porridge’.

The investigation found that she didn’t eat the porridge.


  1. Those on the Left/Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, the “Fake News” mediums, etc. knowingly/purposely lie, lob false allegations, offer up farfetched/contrived “speculation”, misdirect, & utilize the “fake news” to spread rumors for the express purpose of “gaslighting”, causing chaos, ginning up fear/anger, fanning the flames of dissent, & inciting violence. “Fake News” mediums like CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, BuzzFeed, National Review, The Washington Post, social media platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc., late night hosts like Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, & the liberal left in Hollywood then purposely, exponentially increase/amplify & telegraph the anger, hatred, & violence of the Left, Progressives, Democrats, & their base against others across the nation/world by to divide, destabilize, & damage the nation, the President, & our citizens. This explains why they are viewed as the Enemies of the American People…

    SHOCKED by the blow-back, they proclaim their innocence while we all know that they are nothing but instigators with their incendiary/despicable reporting. They, like we, all learned in grade school that those who report the news must stick to the facts, “who, what, why, where & when”. Instead, they speculate, manipulate, contrive, edit audio/video, omit, & when all else fails, they fall back on their so called “anonymous sources”….

    Lacking even the slightest modicum of ethics, honor, & integrity, they are best described as intellectual contortionists, they bend/twist reality to fit a narrative of their own creation based on their own personal biases or that of their Elite masters, the Marxist Progressives and Demogogue Democrats …….

    I condemn the Democrat Bolshevik’s party’s culture of hatred, crime (including those against the unborn!), corruption, lawlessness and Anti-Americanism. They are low life dooshbags who spit on everything that is great and wonderful about our country. They continually desecrate the freedom paid for with the blood of heroes. They are the enemy within intent on tearing us apart. …..

  2. There all in it together All luke whore bags from Hell in private Rooting anything that moves and getting whack on crack Then they act conservative in public And thats being discrete ,and kind toi ,btw
    .Always the same always the opposite

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