Damar Hamlin: Feds Set Up Outposts Near UC Medical Center ‘Due To Issues That May Arise’

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On Monday night Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly on the field after a routine tackle. Due to the way Hamlin collapsed, which appears uncannily similar to the way many other vaccinated people have collapsed in the last year, some observers began to suspect his condition could have something to do with recently being vaccinated.

24-year-old Hamlin lay motionless as doctors worked on him. After several minutes he was removed from the field in the Monday Night Football game in an ambulance and taken to the local UC Medical Center in Cincinnati.

Damar made a tackle and then stood up. The Bills player then fell backward on his back. At first, there were concerns that he was injured. Then there were concerns that there was a head injury. Then there were concerns about whether he was going to make it.

Those watching the game couldn’t believe what was happening. This is unprecedented. Players do not collapse after routine takcles and fail to regain consciousness. No NFL players have died from direct on-field hits in more than 50 years.

Mario Nawfal is reporting updates from the hospital.

Not much information is being released on Damar Hamlin’s current condition. However, it appears mainstream media journalists are growing frustrated with the extremely tight narrative control.

Nick Sortor, who is reporting from the hospital, reports that the US government has set up outposts near the UC Medical Center “due to issues that may arise following Hamlin’s potential passing.”

It sounds like the authorities are working overtime to get the narrative in order.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. The Federal Government is there to insure that the truth does not make it to our ears nor eyes for otherwise it has no business nor purpose for being there in the first place.

  2. Yeah, this is basically a pureblood John McClane dropping Damar Hamlin’s body from the window 17 stories up, onto the squad car, yelling to the vaxxed zombies, “welcome to the party pal”.

  3. In bigger news that doesn’t glorify Romes gladiators, here two helicopters flew straight into one another in broad daylight in a spectacular crash witnessed by thousands at Sea World in Queens Land. The media are desperately trying to explain how that happened when the only logical explanation is that at least one pilot may have had some sort of blackout.

  4. Damar Hamlin is DEAD!!!! They are only keeping his braindead body alive to protect Pfizer!!! They murdered 5 Billion people and they are desperate to keep those 5 Billion from killing them!!!

  5. We will be hearing the “official” narrative shortly the fake news media will run with. Already on the local news a so called “doctor” was blaming “blunt force trauma” and not the clot shot.

  6. They may as well erect a blinking neon sign outside the hospital saying “Don’t look here! ” The doctors involved have most likely already been threa….. I mean briefed.

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