Cop Filmed Punching 9 Months Pregnant Woman ‘Violated No Policies’

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“The outcome of the internal investigation has determined that no policies have been violated"

prgnant woman

A Hunt County Sheriff’s deputy was no-billed despite being captured on video punching a pregnant woman several times and pushing her stomach into a kitchen counter. 

The shocking incident left the woman with bruising to her tummy.

Deanna Robinson, 38, of Quinlan, said she was assaulted by the deputy on March 4 after Child Protective Services showed up to take her 18-month-old child into state custody.

So this seems like another case of police investigating themselves and deciding that they did nothing wrong.

pregnant woman
Deanna Robinson

Free Thought Project reports: During the execution of a child custody warrant, a 38-week pregnant woman, Deanna Robinson, was arrested. Hunt County Sheriff’s Department went to Robinson’s residence to assist CPS in taking custody of a child after a familial dispute.

Deputies claim that they presented a warrant immediately upon their arrival and allowed her to read it, at which point Robinson began to yell that they weren’t taking her child and attempted to close the door.

Robinson, a decorated Air Force Veteran, who once received the Airman’s Medal for helping drag soldiers from a burning plane in Iraq, has a drastically different accounting of the events that transpired.

She claims that she informed them that nobody was taking her child without a court order or warrant. As she attempted to close the door, the officers plowed through, pushing her up against the counter hard enough to leave serious bruising on her third-trimester belly, and then punching her numerous times.

As we previously reported, the fix was in from the beginning of this case.

From the day this incident became public Sheriff Meeks has been toeing the “thin blue line,” attempting to justify the actions of his officer. In his initial statement after the assault, Meeks forwards a bizarre narrative that the pregnant mother, seen being punched numerous times on video, was actually reaching for the officer’s gun.

This partial transcript from Meek’s initial press conference clearly shows his bias from the beginning of this case:

Two narratives

We have all seen the 31 second video and the narratives reads: “Hunt County Officers Beat Pregnant Woman” and we can draw a conclusion by looking at that video and we can say, yes, it appears that the deputy is beating a woman.

Another narrative could read: “Pregnant woman attempts to take Deputy’s gun”. Now, you can draw a conclusion by looking at the 31 second clip that could be a possibility? I believe that we can say that is a possibility. Now, will most folks look at that possibility? Probably not.

So, which narrative is correct? I don’t know…I wasn’t there…That is for the Texas Rangers to determine. But, let me say this. This is a lot more evidence out there than that 31 second clip. I believe, before judgement is rendered, the whole truth needs to be examined and a decision made as to what is the facts of this case.

So, what are my actions going to be? Nothing at this point of the investigation. Once the investigation is over and evidence shows that my deputy violated policy and/or committed a crime, then he will be prosecuted to the fullest if a criminal act occurred.

If the evidence shows that my deputy did nothing wrong, then I will back him 100%

The deputy involved, Deputy J. Robinson, was no-billed by a Hunt County grand jury and has since been reinstated to full duty. A statement released by the sheriff’s office on Monday state, “The outcome of the internal investigation has determined that no policies have been violated.”

“That notion is ludicrous,” Deanna Robinson said. “There is nothing that I did, and there is nothing in my mind that exists that warrants that kind of treatment on an extremely pregnant woman.”

In what can only be described as retaliatory behavior, Sheriff Randy Meeks said that he plans to meet with the District Attorney concerning the filing of additional charges against Deanna Robinson, the victim of the police assault.

Had a citizen without a badge punched a pregnant woman in the stomach, you can be assured that criminal charges would have followed. It’s cases like this that highlight the fact that police are not held to the same standards of conduct as the general public. As long as cops can simply investigate themselves, one bad apple will keep the whole batch rotten.

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