Video: Police Officer Punches A 38 Weeks Pregnant Woman Repeatedly

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Police Officer Punches A 38 Weeks Pregnant Woman
Police Officer Punches A 38 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Police Officer Punches A 38 Weeks Pregnant Woman

A police officer punches a 38 weeks pregnant woman while trying to remove her child?

That’s the story today being told by the victim of an alleged police brutality attack.  A deputy sheriff in Texas is in some hot water after a video allegedly showing him punching a pregnant lady several times has surfaced.  It’s a difficult situation to prove when the claim is that a police officer punched a pregnant woman while trying to remove her children.

The children were to be placed into child protective services, according to an article in The Huffington Post:

A Texas woman says she was punched several times by a sheriff’s deputy while she was nine-months pregnant, and claims that video evidence helps prove it.

Deanna Robinson, 38, of Quinlan, said she was assaulted by a Hunt County Sheriff’s deputy on March 4 after Child Protective Services showed up to take her 18-month-old child into state custody, according to NBC DFW.

“I stepped in front of my son and put my hands up and began screaming, ‘No, you’re not touching my kid,'” Robinson said at a news conference at her attorney’s office in Greenville. “I was handcuffed almost immediately and shoved into a corner by two giant men. I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to assault anyone. There’s nothing to warrant what they did to me.”

The incident gained wider attention after footage of the alleged assault was posted on social media.

The video above, which is graphic and contains explicit language, appears to show an officer struggling with Robinson before punching her. The video cuts off after one punch, but Robinson said, she was punched several more times — all while handcuffed.

Police Officer Punches A 38 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Deputies and CPS showed up after Robinson’s 9-year-old son told school officials he was scared to go home because his mom and dad were fighting, CBS DFW reports.

Four children were removed from the home after an interview with the children’s father, according to the station. They are in temporary CPS custody.

In the video, it appears a police officer punches a 38 weeks pregnant woman – and it has generated a response from the police department.  The article continues:

In a statement posted to the department’s Facebook page, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said his office is investigating Robinson’s allegations.

“I have become aware of an internet allegation accusing one of my deputies of improper actions,” the statement said. “I have initiated an administrative investigation to determine if any policy violations occurred. Public confidence and trust in the Sheriff’s Office is a high priority for me and we take all allegations of misconduct seriously.”

The name of the deputy in question has not been released.

Robinson was charged with interfering and assault on an officer. Her healthy child was born days after the alleged assault.

“There’s no reason in my mind that an officer should pull his hand up above his body and hit a pregnant woman multiple times,” Carol Gustin, one of Robinson’s attorneys, told WFAA. “Law officers are there to protect and serve. Where was the protection for her and this baby?”

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