“Final Turn Of Events Has Started” Intelligence Insider Warns (VIDEO)

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From the Hagmann and Hagmann Show:  “Intelligence insider “W” joins the Hagmann and Hagmann Report at the 17 minute 30 second mark of the video below to warn that the final turn of events has begun. With all Americans but a remaining few now aware that something is very wrong in the world that we are now living in, “W” warns us about what might be coming next, including hints that the final false flag will be aimed to cripple our country’s economy and ‘the final events’ may have already started, without us even knowing it! Much more below!

“What may only seem a trickle now, months from now we may look back and see this monstrous river all started right there.” “W” confirms that though we still have time, we’re past the turning point and the New World Order is now ‘reordering’ the world to their own unique design. “W” also warns of some soon to be coming market transactions that will rock the boat and much more in this eye-opening interview.

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