Pfizer CEO Brags ‘Cancer is the new Covid’ as he prepares new mRNA Cancer-jab roll-out

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Pfizer CEO brags that cancer is the new Covid.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla boasted last week that ‘cancer is the new Covid’ that Big Pharma intends to reap massive profits from via the sale of cancer drugs.

“Oncology, it is our new Covid,” Bourla said during an interview with Fox Business. “We did what we did with Covid. We are very proud to have saved the world but it is behind us now, we want to do once more and I think oncology is our best chance to do it.”

The Fox Business host asked how Pfizer will win big within oncology, to which Bourla said his company’s drugs will significantly increase the survival rate of cancer patients. reports: The irony is not lost on the informed viewer, as it has been reported that the Covid vaccination, which Pfizer is chief among it’s manufacturers, causes cancer.

While the Covid vaccine is indicated to cause cancer, the recent push to chemically transgender more children is another possible source of new customers, as it has been documented that transgender drugs cause cancer as well.

The statements from the CEO only serve to confirm the company’s problem, reaction, solution business tactic, as it was reported months back that the firm had invested big into cancer drugs.

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