Video: Journalist Shot By Police At Standing Rock

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Journalist Erin Schroeder was shot by riot police while interviewing a protestor at Standing Rock, as violence continues to escalate in North Dakota.

Journalist Erin Schroeder was shot by riot police while interviewing a protestor at Standing Rock, as violence continues to escalate in North Dakota.

True Activist reports:

Tensions continue to escalate in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, where protestors attempt to peacefully face off against riot police and the National Guard. In addition to being maced and beaten with batons, activists opposing the four-state Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) have been tased and even shot with rubber bullets.

As the recent incident reveals, violence seems to only be escalating rather than ceasing. Though the UN has called on the U.S. government to halt all construction of the pipeline, its development continues. Desperate and on edge, activists at Standing Rock continue to put their lives on the line, unaware of what will come next – prepared to expect anything. Unfortunately, what recently occurred is a reminder of the danger people protesting corporate greed face.

During an interview with Cantapeta Creek, activist and journalist Erin Schrode was talking when out of nowhere, police shot her with a rubber bullet. She can be heard screaming, “Ow!” before crumbling to the ground.

In the Facebook post, Schrode wrote that while “militarized police” shot her at “point-blank range”, she was physically unhurt but shaken from the attack. In an interview with Fusion, she later relayed that she couldn’t fully comprehend what had happened but just remembered being in “excruciating pain.”

She said: “I couldn’t fathom that I’d just been hit. Why would they target me? Why would they shoot anyone? There was absolutely nothing violent, aggressive, provocative going on at the protests yesterday.

The day after the activist realized she’d caught the entire incident on camera, she quickly uploaded it to social media to share with the world.

What’s happening in Standing Rock doesn’t just pertain to the indigenous in the area, it affects present and future generations. In addition to trying to protect the Missouri river, activists supporting the Standing Rock Sioux tribe are hoping to preserve sacred burial ground and send a message about the need to respect Native American treaties.

Commenting on the scene at Standing Rock, Schrode says:
I can’t believe what is happening here in Standing Rock. It’s a scene like I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world, and it’s right here at home.

You can bet that this activist isn’t leaving Standing Rock until justice is served. She’ll remain – like the majority of people who have set up camp on the edge of the reservation – until the pipeline is halted or all are physically forced off the land. If the latter occurs, expect deafening outcry from activists around the world.

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