China: Europe Is Losing To The ‘Far-Right’ Thanks To ‘Remote Elites in Brussels’

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European elections

The results of the European Parliament elections will likely “overturn Europe’s policies on immigration, green transition and its support for Ukraine” according to a report by the Chinese state media outlet Global Times

The results have seen poor results for leftist and “green” parties.

Chinese “experts” are blaming “remote elites” for the results of the election because they lost sight of issues that are important to working- and middle-class Europeans.

France and Germany have both witnessed preliminary vote tallies resulting in left-wing parties losing seats and apparent significant gains for both popular right and establishment conservative parties.

Breitbart reports: While, as the Global Times observed, “moderate” and socialist parties will likely maintain control of the European Parliament, the dramatic gains that conservative parties expected indicate that many voters are disillusioned with the status quo and open to alternatives.

The Global Times, citing its usual roster of Chinese “experts,” blamed “remote elites” for losing sight of issues important to working- and middle-class Europeans for the results of the election. The “experts” predicted that the results were not outliers but “foreshadowed the continent becoming more conservative and far-right leaning.”

“This trend will likely overturn Europe’s policies on immigration, green transition and its support for Ukraine,” the state newspaper predicted.

“Europe is mired in deep crisis now. The continent’s current political elites’ rule has failed to solve its problems,” one “expert,” Professor Wang Yiwei, was quoted as saying, lamenting that “remote elite” leaders had failed to retain the trust of the public.

Another expert, Professor Cui Hongjian, suggested that the results were not just a protest vote against the left but that “Europe will continue turning conservative and right-leaning, as the mainstream parties have failed to curb the right-wing forces in the past five years.” Cui did not offer any suggestions for how to “curb” unwanted political groups; in China, the Communist Party maintains an unchallenged stranglehold on power backed by the use of brute force against suspected political dissidents.

The experts predicted a “significant impact on Europe’s immigration, security and green transition policies, as those are the topics the public is mostly unsatisfied with” — suggesting that European governments would begin limiting how many people they allow in their countries from abroad and curtail excessive spending on anti-climate change “green” projects.

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