Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump Policy of Keeping Asylum Seekers Locked up

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Clinton-appointed judge blocks Trump policy of locking up asylum seekers

A Clinton-appointed federal judge has blocked a Trump administration policy that would keep thousands of asylum seekers locked up indefinitely while they pursue their immigration cases, according to AP.

US District Judge for the Western District of Washington, Marsha Pechman, ruled Tuesday that migrants who are detained after entering the US seeking asylum are entitled to bond hearings. reports: Recall, Attorney General Bill Barr announced in April that the US government could keep tens of thousands of migrants seeking asylum waiting in detention indefinitely.

Under US law, the Attorney General has the right to overturn rulings by immigration judges.

Barr weighed in on an immigration case in April and said that asylum seekers who are awaiting removal and are not given a right to see a judge, should not be released into the US on bond.

If Bill Barr’s ruling went into effect, asylum seekers who used to be released into the US on bond while awaiting a decision from a judge on their immigration case would have been kept in detention centers indefinitely where they could be waiting for years for.

Barr’s ruling was supposed to go into effect within 90 days of his announcement and here we are 3 months later being blocked by a Clinton-appointed activist judge.

The crisis at the US-Mexico border is the worst this country has ever seen.

President Trump declared a national emergency back in February to stop the unprecedented surge of illegal aliens flooding over the US border, however Congress and activist judges have stopped his efforts at every turn.

Congress also refuses to change the insanely dangerous asylum polices which is what is attracting the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood over the border.

The globalists and leftists are using the typical Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the system in order to precipitate a crisis that leads to total collapse only to be replaced with a Communist system.


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