Cher Thanked God As Joe Biden Took Off On Air Force One

Fact checked

Cher took to Twitter to tell her 3.8 million followers that she cried, smiled and thanked God after President Biden departed Washington DC for Delaware on Friday.

The Left-wing pop star said that “President Joseph Biden jr Has Just Taken Off On Air Force One” she then added “I’m Smiling & Crying” while thanking God.

The president departed the nation’s capital on Friday, heading to Delaware to spend time with his family. This was his first departure from DC since taking office but it also comes as the CDC warns that Americans should avoid air travel as the second wave of the pandemic continues to sweep the country.

A CDC travel alert last updated February 2 reads: “Travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. CDC recommends that you do not travel at this time. Delay travel and stay home to protect yourself and others from COVID-19”

However, Bidens press secretary Jen Psaki defended his trip saying: the “key” is “ensuring that people don’t take steps to make others vulnerable….. Delaware is his home, and he looks forward to spending the weekend there and some time with his family”


  1. This old hag is thanking in the wrong direction. But that is the Hollywoodpedoland crowd for you.

  2. She clearly has never read a Bible .Some people live in an altered state of consciousness due to their unusual lifestyles and really just dont get reality. If she had any connection to God she would spend the rest if her life repenting and praying for forgiveness and serving the poor the sick the homeless .

    • She left him and Gregg Thet were both Democrats I’m pretty sure and Sonnys italian so catholic for sure .Allman was a heroin addict so no good in bed basically unless smacked out and then nodding off and all that ,hallucinating a d the rest of it .Boring same old same old. But she loves Paris and Rome You need to understand what that means politically For her to make POINT of saying that publicly

      • Actually correction Sonny was republican ,but maybe not when younger Not sure but possibly az a Italian not even when young but I would think more ” democratic ” in his attitudes then considering the Republicans now are as liberal or deviant as the democrats were before .Bow only the puritans ,fakes anyway and hypocrites of the highest orders are ” republican ” in the old school.sense .

  3. And where are the photos of Biden bording the pres helicopter and entering airforce 1 like Trump does? The FIRST exit from the WH and no film?

    • Its spooky but the fact I’d tbey can stream different footage to different people They CAN use holograms and they CAN actually implant pictures and voices using advanced now Vouce to Skull technology from ages ago The SECRET levels of tech they have now are o ly limited by hour imagination But dont let that scare you either Thoughts arent necessarily real or reality Keep your self grounded .

  4. She needs to listen ,with an open mind to Mike Lyndell talking about absolute proof it’s a very educational show zi jyst did and am glad I did It confirmed all of my expectations and suspicions with scientific evidence The only thing they wont say is that its science that did it ,medical sciences and technologies together ,partnered together with the rule of law .And they wont say who rules the law .The zillion dollar question .

  5. Watch the boarding video- It’s not AF 1, not a 747, of which there are only 2, one is always available – watch “And We Know” for the truth…… Departing to Castle Rock Air Station……

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