EU set to allow controversial GM crops to be grown in Britain

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EU set to allow controversial GM crops to be grown in Britain

The European Parliament is today expected to clear the way for genetically modified, otherwise known as ‘Frankenfood’, crops to be grown in Britain. The new rules will allow Britain to grow crops that have been banned in other European countries.

The Mail Online reports: MEPs will vote to clear the block on growing controversial genetically modified (GM) crops that has effectively stopped commercial cultivation for a decade.

The new rules will allow each country to decide for itself whether or not to grow a GM crop – once it has been ruled safe by EFSA, which is the EU’s food safety body.

The deal has been engineered by the British government, which wants GM crops to be grown here, following a series of secret briefings with GM companies and their trade body.

The net effect is that even if a GM crop is banned in Germany, France, Italy and other European states, the Westminster government can allow it to be grown here from as early as next year.

The Conservatives, Labour and Lib-Dems in Westminster support GM crops, however, the administrations in Scotland, Wales and many English councils remain opposed.

There is also concern among consumers amid suspicion the crops pose risks to human health and the environment.

At the same time, organic farmers and green campaigners point to the damage caused by the growing of GM crops on an industrial scale in North America.


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