Dutch Farmers Stun Global Elite By Defeating WEF In Election Landslide

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A new party of Dutch farmers has demolished Klaus Schwab and Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s environmental plans on Wednesday in crucial Dutch Senate elections that will reverberate around the world.

The Farmer-Citizen Movement (BoerBurgerBeweging, or BBB) is riding a wave of recent protests against WEF proposals to forcibly close farms, seize farm land, and cut livestock numbers in order to “fight climate change.”

The Netherlands has been rocked by months of protests in which farmers have blockaded WEF-infiltrated government buildings with tractors, winning support from international figures including former US president Donald Trump. 

Now the Dutch people have spoken and they have rejected Klaus Schwab’s sinister plan to confiscate the property of ordinary people.

With most votes counted the BBB are due to win 15 of the Senate’s seats with almost 20% of the vote.

“This isn’t normal, but actually it is! It’s all normal citizens who voted,” said BBB leader Caroline van der Plas.

The regional elections determine the composition of the new Dutch senate that will be formed in May, meaning the farmers will be in position to block anti-farmer legislation proposed by Klaus Schwab’s puppet government as part of a sinister globalist plot to rob people of their property and livelihoods.

Shocked by the scale of their success, Ms van der Plas told supporters that voters normally stayed at home if they lost faith in politics: “But today people have shown they can’t stay at home any longer. We won’t be ignored any more.”

Commentator Ben Coates described the result as “something of an earthquake in Dutch politics”.

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