Obama Plans To Snub Putin At Paris Climate Change Conference

Fact checked
Obama plans on snubbing Russian president Vladimir Putin at the Paris Climate Change conference

The White House have confirmed that US President Barack Obama has no plans on meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the climate change conference in Paris this year. 

White House National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes told reporters nothing formal has been planned with Putin, but that the snub doesn’t have anything to do with the latest Turkey-Russia crisis currently unfolding.

Sputniknews.com reports:

Rhodes told reporters that Russia can play an important role in the counter-IS coalition and to help support a political transition in Syria.

With respect to Russia, the clear message is that Russia can play a constructive role in the counter-ISIL [Islamic State] coalition provided they focus their military operations against ISIL,” Rhodes said.

The Paris climate conference, scheduled for November 30 through December 11, will focus on global warming and ways to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Its main goal is to sign a global deal on climate change that would replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.