WHO Funded Scientists Want WHO To Declare Climate Crisis A ‘Global Health Emergency’

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has been urged to declare a “global health emergency” in response to the so-called “climate crisis.”

Editors of over 200 health journals funded by the WHO called on the United Nations’ global health body to declare a “global health emergency.”

InfoWars reports: “Over 200 health journals call on the United Nations, political leaders, and health professionals to recognise that climate change and biodiversity loss are one indivisible crisis and must be tackled together to preserve health and avoid catastrophe. This overall environmental crisis is now so severe as to be a global health emergency,” wrote the BMJ, a UK weekly peer-reviewed medical journal, in a statement on Wednesday.

The WHO should declare the climate and nature crisis as a global health emergency.

We need urgent action to improve health, say over 200 journals

What the scientists failed to mention is that they’re funded by the very global body they’re calling on to implement the health emergency.

In other words, the WHO is essentially laying the groundwork for it to declare another emergency similar to the one they issued in response to the COVID plandemic in 2020.

This comes as WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus urged other nations to adopt its Pandemic Accords in part to combat “disinformation.”

COVID-19 “eroded trust between people, governments and institutions, fuelled by a torrent of mis- and disinformation,” Ghebreyesus claimed on Thursday.

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