Russian Sappers Finish De-Mining Ancient Jewel Of Palmyra

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Alexander Prokhorenko, aka "Russian Rambo"'

A bunch of not so bad Ruskis have finished de-mining the historical part of the city of Palmyra, once considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

ISIS took a hammer to the ‘oasis in the desert’ chipping away at man’s cultural heritage, letting the international community know what they think of their so called consideration. In a short period of time they looted and destroyed archaeological treasures and meted out their sick style of justice to the locals and prisoners.

Recently a bunch of Russian sappers quietly went about clearing the site from explosives and mines allowing residents to return, after Syrian troops got rid of ISIS with help from Russian special forces.

Russia Insider reports:

Russian sappers and their mine-detecting dogs have all but cleared the ancient Roman jewel, and are now de-mining the contemporary city of Palmyra. Russian dogs are not used to the heat and have to be given frequent rest-periods and lots of water, but according to the narrator, they are better than any device.

Palmyra’s inhabitants have already started to return to their homes, and in addition to providing vital supplies, the Russian army has set up a civilian field hospital.

For a time after World War II, GI Joes could be seen across the world helping civilians. Recently, reports of vicious brutality have become public, while do-good Ivans increasingly appear in the news – at least in countries where objectivity matters.

Alexander Prokhorenko, drew friendly fire on himself to kill ISIS
Alexander Prokhorenko drew friendly fire on himself to kill ISIS around Palmyra
ISIS teenagers executing captured soldiers in the amphitheatre

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