CNN: White Christians Must Embrace Mass Immigration To Save The Church

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Offering its own opinion on the furture of Christianity in America, CNN says that white Christians must embrace the mass immigration of people of color in order to save the faith.

According to a piece written by CNN’s John Blake: the “spread of White Christian nationalism” and the Church’s opposition to gay sex “have stained the church’s reputation”

He argues that the decline of American Christianity can only be stemmed by encouraging more black and brown Christian immigrants:

“Christianity could rebound in America if White Christians embrace this one change”

Breitbart reports: According to “the nation’s top religion scholars and historians,” the American church “is poised to find new life for one major reason: Waves of Christians are migrating to the US,” the article asserts.

The American church may find salvation in “the booming of Christianity in what is called the ‘Global South,’ the regions encompassing Latin America, Africa and Asia,” the article declares.

Nevertheless, the “biggest challenge” to Christianity’s future in America is not declining numbers, Blake argues, “but the church’s ability to adapt to this migration.”

This migration is known as the “Browning of America,” he states, meaning a demographic trend expected to make white people the minority in the U.S. by 2045.

Yet the influx of black and brown Christians from places like Latin America and Asia “collides with another trend: a burgeoning White Christian nationalist movement that insists, incorrectly, that the US was founded as a White, Christian nation,” Blake warns. “It is hostile to non-White immigrants.”

The death knell for Christianity in America, he asserts, could come if the U.S. “enters another xenophobic period and limits migration from non-White Christians” or if “some Christians still cling to the belief that America is supposed to be a White Christian nation.”

“The future of American Christianity is neither white evangelicalism nor white progressivism,” Blake writes, citing New York Times columnist Tish Harrison Warren. “The future of American Christianity now appears to be a multiethnic community that is largely led by immigrants of the children of immigrants.”


  1. Note to CNN – NOBODY, but NOBODY, listens to your garbage or takes you seriously anymore, not even in Africa!

  2. “White?” They mean European-Americans, who have by far the best Civil-Social Values in the United States.

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