Iceland Lifts ALL Restrictions: “Freedom Is Better Than Tyranny”

Fact checked
Iceland lifts all lockdown restrictions

The government of Iceland has announced an end to all COVID restrictions in the country and has declared that standing up for freedom is more important than supporting tyranny.

On the 25th of February Iceland will lift all remaining domestic restrictions, but the Health Minister, Willum Þór Þórsson, says it could happen even sooner.

Among the restrictions being removed in Iceland is the requirement for people who test positive to isolate. Instead, the responsibility will be on the individual to decide how they conduct their lives without interference from the government or the elites:

”But then it’s important to remember, that just like in general when people get sick, you need to get better and be careful. The more we lift restrictions the more we appeal to the individual’s responsibility to take care of their health.” the Health Minister said.

Peter Sweden reports: So Iceland is following Scandinavia in removing restrictions. Denmark has removed all restrictions, Sweden has done so too. Norway has removed almost all restrictions and now Iceland is following. Finland is also planning on removing all restrictions by the 1st of March.

Imagine that. It all started with Denmark to remove all restrictions, and all of a sudden country after country in the Nordics are following suit.

In Scandinavia there are no covid passports in use and face masks are not required. As I have mentioned before, Norway has removed all travel restrictions, so it is looking like a mighty fine holiday destination this year with everything being open. Besides, the nature landscape in Norway is fantastic, with some of the best views in the world.

So to summarize:

  • Denmark removed all restrictions.
  • Sweden removed all restrictions.
  • Norway removed almost all restrictions.
  • Iceland is removing all restrictions.
  • Finland will be removing all restrictions.

Are other countries in the world going to look to these countries and follow? Only time will tell, but there are signs indicating that other places in the world are easing restrictions.

In Scandinavia, especially in Sweden and Norway we never really had very draconian restrictions to begin with during the pandemic, and now we are leading the way in removing restrictions all together.

This is interesting because as you may have heard, Scandinavian countries are very Socialist. The governments in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are run by Socialist democrat parties. These are the governments that have now lifted restrictions.

Imagine that, Socialist parties have been among the first to remove restrictions. As you might know, I’m not a Socialist, but it is really interesting to see how they have removed restrictions before other countries that have so called Conservative or self proclaimed liberal governments.

If Socialist countries are better at standing for freedom than countries who claim to be conservative, something weird is going on.

I’m suspecting that the reason goes deeper than that. In Scandinavia we have lived with the Soviet Union close to our borders for decades, and been occupied by tyrants in the past. We still have that in memory and we know that freedom is of high value. But that is something that is of speculation for another article…