Joe Rogan on Biden: “They’re Going To Take Him Out”

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Joe Rogan warns they are going to try to take Joe Biden out

Joe Rogan has warned that the ‘Deep State’ is preparing to “take out” President Biden before the 2024 presidential election.

During a discussion on his podcast, Rogan pointed out that the latest scandals surrounding Joe Biden suggest that the elite are “trying to get rid of him.” reports: The president has been embroiled in more controversy after it was revealed that at least 20 classified documents relating to his time as vice-president were found at Biden’s home.

Biden is now being investigated by a special counsel appointed by the US Department of Justice, having previously called Donald Trump “irresponsible” after his home was raided by the FBI for similar reasons.

According to Joe Rogan, the scandal is part of a Democrat subversion campaign to ensure Biden doesn’t try to run for office again in 2024.

“I don’t know jack shit about politics, but if I had to guess — they’re trying to get rid of him. My guess would be they’re trying to get rid of him,” said the podcast host.

He was responding to a comment by Shane Gillis, who joked, “It’s crazy. He’s getting jammed up on like manila folders when he was like kissing 12-year-old girls on camera.”

“If all of a sudden they’re — his own aides are sending these — instead of like taking these classified documents, which you have located and go, ‘Well, let’s not do that again’ and fucking locking them up somewhere,” Rogan added. “His own aides.”

Speculation that Biden’s own team is trying to sabotage him correlates with previous indications that prominent Democrats fear Biden will get crushed if he tries to run for president again.

Last summer, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, told the NY Times Editorial Board that President Joe Biden won’t run for office a second time.

“Off the record, he’s not running again,” Maloney said.

According to Dick Morris, former top advisor to Bill Clinton, the Democratic establishment knows “that Biden can’t run again in 2024” due to his “quickly declining mental abilities” and the economic disaster he had presided over.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that the majority of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents don’t want the 80-year-old to be their party’s candidate.

Biden would be in his mid-80’s by the time he left the White House if he won again in 2024.


  1. If the rumor that the Economy has shrunk by 36% since 2016 is a fact and with a looming World War it’s understandable that an Adolf Hitler will attempted to be installed. Adolf Hitler mobilized the German population and sent 14 million German Army Troops east to fight and die against Russia. Washington needs a repeat like this in order to survive.

  2. It has been their plan to take Biden out after he had pushed US citizens to their limits in the plan to destroy the US for enemy takeover. Then he DNC could blame everything on Biden’s mental condition & there would be no trial to expose his handlers or their plot AND they could install another puppet into the presidency to have more time to finish us off. It is fiendishly clever. It is the sort of thing that the Chinese admire & may have paid Biden to do. Why else would they give him millions of dollars & then helped install him into the White House?

  3. “I don’t know Jack shit about politics” slow blow Joseph Bogan claims yet makes his living from it and has done for decades. What a b/s artist.

  4. Hacienda arxens resigned, effective Feb 7 in tears. I just don’t have enough in the tank to carry on she reckons.

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