Mike Tyson: ‘Hillary Clinton Is America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer’

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton is a serial killer who has left a trail of dead bodies in her bloodthirsty pursuit of power, according to Mike Tyson.

Hillary Clinton is part of a crime family that has left a trail of dozens of dead bodies in its bloodthirsty pursuit of power, according to Mike Tyson who told an audience in Las Vegas: “Hillary is America’s most prolific serial killer – bar none.”

Manson family ain’t nothing compared to the Clinton family,” Tyson said. “Ted Bundy? John Wayne Gacy? Please…that’s kiddie stuff,” Tyson said, pointing out the Manson family murdered four people, while Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy accounted for 35 and 33 respectively.

According to the 51-year-old former heavyweight champion, who was warming up for the next leg of his Undisputed Truth 2 speaking tour with a small show in Las Vegas, these death tallies pale in comparison to the number of victims who have met their maker at the hands of Hillary Clinton.

She murdered her very good friend Mr Vince Foster. She deliberately on purpose let Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans die in Benghazi. Do you know how many of her personal bodyguards have died deaths of a premature nature?

“Twelve. Twelve young men in close proximity to the Clintons have died premature. This information is all out there. You can look this up yourself. All of these bodyguards are indeed dead and it might all just be a tragic coincidence. Now I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be on their list of associates,” Tyson said, before encouraging audience members to Google “Strange deaths surrounding Clintons”.

People in a hundred years from now going to look back at us and scratch their heads saying ‘Uhh really guys? Really? You couldn’t see what was right before your eyes?”

“How many more witnesses do we need to commit suicide by two bullets to the back of the head just before they about to testify against the Clintons before we start to say ‘Hey, something here sure smells fishy’?

Accusing Hillary Clinton of literally getting away with murder, Tyson said, “Sad but true thing is we will never get justice for her. We the people will never see justice served. She’s above the law of the land.”

While the former heavyweight boxing champion largely steers clear of politics in his live show, his Clinton remarks are not the first time he has waded into what he calls “that murky world.” In October 2015 he became one of the first celebrities to endorse Donald Trump for president.


Iron Mike is currently ironing out kinks in his no-holds-barred, one-man live show, honing his material on small crowds in Las Vegas before hitting the road again for the second leg of the Undisputed Truth 2 tour.

The next official show is in Honolulu on January 20. Tickets can be purchased here.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Michael Steele was his former brother in law, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he said this. Even though it was reported by B.D. 😉

  2. Maybe Hillary skates in this life but unless she gets off the road she’s traveling her destination is the Lake of Fire. So pray that Hillary may be granted repentance unto life!

  3. This guy spent his entire life receiving blows to the head and he *still* has more common sense than any demoKKKrat voter.

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    • Congress and president Trump mewl for treats while British Empire freemasonry inflict a corrupt candy assed judicial system and congress and white house on us by controlling the elections from both parties and The Council on Foreign Relations. We will have crooked voting machines until we execute them.

      • Kindly visit Yours Truly’s post, above, my friend. The Constitutionally Necessary Thing CAN and MUST be DONE. Want Sweet Justice Done Right? Simple to do and easy to see: WE MUST DO THIS OURSELVES.

        Fact: American Common Law DEMANDS IT of the Rest of Us “Deplorables”! And that is ALL. 0{:-|o[


        • You may be right. Their community reinforces their delusional thinking. Maybe pithed like lab frogs after anesthetic for 4 million murders overseas for Bush43’s lies..

    • I didn’t think that Mike Tyson was awake about everything. He proved me wrong and I’m proud he can see what’s really going on.

  4. She is an active satanic witch. I believe her soul is gone, sold long ago to Satan. She is a truly horrible, vile, murderous witch that will end her days in Hell. I am a Christian, but I cannot find it in me to pray that she may be granted repentance as Marty suggests. I think that there is a point at which it is just too late. Hillary is far beyond that point, a partner of satan and demons.

  5. Iron Mike Tyson spreading the truth! Much respect to the most exciting fighter that ever stepped into the square ring.

  6. difference between Ali and Tyson is….. Alli was full of hate…… Tyson is full of truth.. Oh and…. Clintons are full of shit …oh and umm demons

      • Ali was actually full of hate and anger.. he got very confused very early in his life and then got all fucked up….what was it he ended up with??.. scrambled eggs disease?? scrambled brain disease??…well something like that anyway.. couldn’t take the hits.. Tyson would have punched the shit out of him …lol

        • haha yeah k pal you mean the Tyson that got knocked out by buster douglas in his prime or the guy that got beat by some bum later in his career as usual you are wrong you don’t know shit about boxing or anything else for that matter! bye shitbag

          • Boxing is irrelevant. We are not really discussing Boxing. We are discussing truth and you my dear fellow have not indentified truth as a reality in your life. The hate is stopping you. Lose the hate and see the truth of the matter.

          • haha who are you the good reverend Al Sharpton! haha the truth pal? you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the ass now go crawl back to Alabama your new senator libtard doug jones awaits you loser!

          • wow great comeback yeah sure i’ll get right on that asswipe just because you said I should! haha LOSER!

    • you’re right about Ali, and Ali, though he was rehearsed, and came across ‘smart’, wasn’t a patch on Tyson . . .I remember Mike from very early on and he had INTELLIGENCE

  7. Lightning Mike,

    At some point in time We the People get to see the Light of Truth shine upon these Liars, Cheaters and Thieves. And for those good apples who have been fighting the good fight We commend your hard work, for it is not easy to do the the work of the Lord in a World that hates Him.

    So take comfort in these times because God’s Truth is everlasting, for those who work in this darkness will soon be brought into the Light for All to see. The Lord Almighty foretold that the Holy Spirit will be sent to US, to reveal All Truths, so that his sheep will know how much He Loves US.

    We are living in these times and We rejoice in seeing His Truth being revealed unto US on a daily basis.

    I wish you all a Blessed Christ-mas

  8. I had heard he turned muslim. Never verified it. But i respect this message from him. Its a shame she cant be properly investigated.

  9. Suggestion: ARCHIVE this article. And SHARE SHARE SHARE!

    Oh and BTW: As Utah Phillips (Heaven rest him well and love his soul forever!) repeatedly pointed out, many years ago: ALL these criminals in Leadership Drag have PHONE NUMBERS, FAX NUMBERS, EMAIL ADDRESSES and RESIDENTIAL STREET ADDRESSES TOO.

    Fact: Rags, tomato stakes, bind-wire and kerosene/Heating Oil are ALL VERY INEXPENSIVE. A 6-Tine Manure Fork from Tractor Supply (SKU #441261599) is currently priced at $24.99 on sale, but a bit o’ rummagin’ might produce a few disused-but-usable similars for ZERO DOLLARS.


    And the Web research that is necessary to pinpoint the location(s) to quietly patrol in the name of Public Safety under Common Law…? FREE and PRICELESS. And the dox on the DarkWeb… Git the Tor Browser from the Electronic Freedom Foundation (dot org) and PUT IT TO WORK.

    Once Herself is Lawfully arrested, Lawfully tried, Lawfully convicted and LAWFULLY SENTENCED, PLEASE CONTACT YOURS TRULY. I am EASY to find. Have drop-chart; will gladly travel for this.

    Reference video below, courtesy of Google’s YouTube and Masterpiece Theater. Good Albert Pierrepoint is no longer with us either, but a longtime protegé with a HARD SHELL and TOP SKILLS in GOOD TRIM sure is.

    Watch and learn how the Distressing Constitutional Necessity is DONE RIGHT – from the acknowledged and legendary MASTER of the Ancient and Humane Deadly Craft. And that is all. 0{:-o[


  10. Funny how the author Victor Thorn died with gunshot wounds to the head after he wrote books about the Clinton’s…….

  11. Iron Mike is still swinging knock out blows! I just hope he is careful not to answer any late nite knocks on his door! Even someone as tough as he can be suicided by two or three bullets!

  12. ah yes the truth, but no one cares…..you are so correct mike tyson….yet no one cares…america is the murder capitol of the world…we must hang this woman from a lamp post for treason…period

  13. i truly hope she will end up been in prison…oh! how i wish!…but not only her…that masonic bs president,obama ,who for 8 looooong years,he destroyed America!!! like no other president! in jail with them,n all the elite,traitors,pedophiles,soros,rothschild,rockefellers,all the illuminati,all ,all!! long live the patriots,freedom for this world

  14. Hillary is a killer which is so obvious to all of us except those that can really do something about it and refuse…sickening.

  15. It’s all out there, people only have to do some research. Her and her “husband” are evil vile people. Their Foundation needs looking in to also. Take all the money their money as they have obtained it illegally. Proceeds of crime act . Trouble is they are untouchable, but if my name was Trump, I’d find a way!

  16. Would love to see 45 round boxing match between “Iron Mike and “The Hildabeast”! Back in the day, they scheduled 45, 3 minute rounds! Mike could play her along for 134 minutes? Put it on pay for view and it would go a long, long way in paying down the National debt! Especially, with re-runs!

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