Mummified Monk Spent Three Years In Sealed Cylinder In Lotus Position

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mummified monk

The Remains of a mummified monk were unveiled during a religious ceremony at a Chinese temple.

Buddhist monk Fu Hou had passed away in 2012 at the age of 94. His preserved body was unveiled after spending three years sitting in the Lotus position in a sealed cylinder on the path to ultimate emancipation.

Dozens of fellow monks gathered at the ceremony to recover the entombed monk, and to cover Fu Hou’s mummified body in a golden substance, which would then turn him into a statue for future religious ceremonies.

The aim for Fu Hou and his disciples is to reach enlightenment through meditation, and escape from the torturous wheel of life and death, which is the ultimate emancipation. Fu Hou’s statue would be put on display to show the difficulty of the task and the urgency to study the Buddha’s teaching before time runs out for oneself.

The Daily Mail reports:

Monk Fu Hou had been kept in a cylinder after he passed away three and a half years ago at the age of 94 at the Puzhou Temple in Quanzhou, south-east China’s Fujian Procince.mummified monk

The cylinder was opened on January 10 at the temple and Fu Hou’s remains were found perfectly preserved in a lotus position, reports the People’s Daily Online.

Dozens of fellow monks got together to participate in the ritual to show respect for Fu Hou’s mummified body, which is also called a ‘flesh Buddha’ in China.

According to tradition, his body will now be covered in a gold substance and made into a Buddhist statue.

Fu Hou was born in Jinjiang – also in Fujian Province – in 1919, and became a monk at the age of 13.mummified monk

According to People’s Daily, he was considered to be a wonderful monk by his disciples while preaching and was a quiet man who would always painstakingly practiced his belief.

Fu Hou is said to have little contact with the outside world, a heart of compassion and was widely respected by the younger monks and his peers.

Before he died, Fu Hou made the decision to have his body preserved.

When his body was revealed, Fu Hou was sitting in the lotus position, and his eyebrows and beard were still faintly visible.

Fu Hou’s golden statue will be placed in the ancestral hall of shrines at the Dongdan inner chamber once it’s completed.

A video has been posted online showing experts removing the charcoal from his lifeless body to reveal his perfectly intact flesh.

Fu Hou’s opening ceremony was described as a success by his fellow monks.mummified monk


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