Fully Jabbed Gavin Newsom Tests Positive For Covid

Fact checked
Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom has tested positive for Covid and will remain in isolation until he tests negative, his office said in tweet on Saturday.

The statement said Newsom will work remotely for at least the next five days and declared that jabs and boosters were still the ‘best way to protect’ against the virus.

The New York Post teports: The governor, who is vaccinated and boosted, has also gotten a prescription for the antiviral drug Paxlovid, the statement said.

He was forced to apologize in November 2020 when he was caught at a pricey birthday dinner for 12 even though he’d scolded state residents for socializing during a pandemic.

“I should have modeled better behavior,” Newsom said after word spread that he and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom gathered with people from multiple households at Napa’s famed French Laundry restaurant.


  1. What rabid demweted nonsense, As if isolating is going to stop a virus from blowing on the wind Just ludicrous demented rubbish.

  2. Meanwhile billionaire United ausyralia party leader and mining magnate 18 billion bucks of rocks, caught covid just as he was about to take gruppenfuhrer McGoo to court for losing him 30 billion dollars worth of trade with China basically and slandering him. Couldn’t go to court of course Health’scare offered him to be taken under their wing and respirat3dcBobway Jose said he I’m off outta here ASAP AMD he went home and got his mefical team to liasecinlineveirh American doctors and was given remesdevir and hydroxychloroquinre I think and was right as rain very promptly. He’s not jabbed at all.

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