‘Transgender’ Child Stuns Liberals Into Silence: “It Ruined My Life!”

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Transgender kid warns liberals it ruined his life

A young “transgender” child went off-script during the recent filming of a new documentary, warning liberals that switching genders has “ruined my life.”

Avery, a male who lives his life as a girl, blasted his far-left activist mother in an upcoming pro-transgender documentary entitled “Transhood.” 

The film follows the story of four children in Kansas City who have been forced into the spotlight as role models for the transgender community.

However, at least one scene should serve as a warning to any parent thinking of allowing their child to transition.

Here’s how HBO describes the film:

“Filmed over five years in Kansas City, ‘Transhood’ chronicles the lives of four young people (aged 4, 7, 12, and 15 at the start of filming) and their families as they navigate growing up transgender in America’s heartland.”

“By sharing personal realities of how gender expression is reshaping their lives, the film explores how these families struggle and stumble through parenting, and how the kids are challenged and transformed as they experience the complexity of their identities.

“Directed by Sharon Liese, produced by Sasha Alpert (Autism: The Musical), and executive-produced by Kimberly Reed, ‘Transhood’ offers a long-range understanding of transgender youth through the nuanced and authentic stories of Jay, Avery, Leena, and Phoenix.

“While every journey is different, these families share their honest and varied experiences as the young people display incredible resilience, facing rejection from their peers and escalating political rhetoric that strives to invalidate LGBTQ+ lives. All the while, the older kids navigate the minefield of adolescence. 

“Sharing their most vulnerable moments, the parents reveal their ambivalence, doubts, and missteps as they themselves transform over time.”


Westernjournal.com reports: I find myself angered by the “trans” community’s continual push to normalize the sexualization of children. Children are not sexual objects, nor should they be treated as such. The children featured in this film are ages 4, 7, 12, and 15! Three of the children are far too young even to begin to think about sex or what gender they are. I am a libertarian, and with that being said, I believe that a consenting adult should be able to do whatever he or she chooses with their own body.

Children, on the other hand, do not have fully developed brains and are not capable of making such a life-altering decision. I do not understand how anyone on the political left could think that having children live as the opposite gender and brainwashing them to believe they are anything besides what they were born isn’t child abuse!

The human brain is not fully developed until around the age of 25, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, so why would any reasonable human being think that is OK to have a child born male live as a female? How is this not considered brainwashing?

If a Christian couple had a son who came out as a homosexual and the parents’ response was to send him to a so-called “straight camp,” the establishment media and their progressive allies would have a field day plastering the couple’s faces nationwide, branding them as bigots and homophobes. Why is encouraging children to be transgender not held to the same standard?

What I have seen in the film leads me to believe that these kids are being exploited as political props for an agenda to normalize transgenderism as a whole.

In a film segment posted to Twitter by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, one of the kids featured in the film — a 12-year-old named Avery — expresses regret concerning the promotion of his book about his life at an LGBT youth event in the nation’s capital.

“I just don’t want to even have a book. I’ve done too much in this. It’s ruined my life, and now everyone in this world is going to know. If I sell my book, it’s going to be on the news along with me for like the 50th time at this point, and it’s just going to make my life worse,” Avery says.

“A couple of years ago, you wanted people to know,” Avery’s mom says, completely dismissing his dissatisfaction with his circumstances. To which he responds, “Yeah, I did, but that was a really stupid silly mistake, and now I don’t.”

Of course, most parents of teenagers have heard the “you’ve ruined my life” line. Avery, though, likely likely has better cause than most, even if his parents have since allowed him to step out of the spotlight.

An interview that Popsugar conducted last month with Avery’s mom, Debi, revealed that “Avery became concerned with how open her family was at times.”

“She would hear me talking to my husband and ask, ‘Why are you having to go and tell so many people about trans kids, Mom?’ I responded, ‘Well, because I’m working with another school because that school isn’t supporting a student, and I want that kid to have a chance,’” the mother said. “I think a lot of that is what made her decide that she didn’t want to be so public at the time. She just wanted a chance to be a kid, so that was another part of the evolution that I appreciate.”

“Even now, I ask her, ‘Do you ever think you’ll be public again?’ and she said, ‘I don’t know, but if I do, I want [my advocacy work] to be on my terms, and I don’t necessarily want it to be about trans people. There are other people hurting. My friends who have a white mom and a black dad are being discriminated against. There are kids in cages at the border. Why aren’t we talking about that anymore? Why is that suddenly not on the news, Mom? I know it’s still happening,’” Debi said.

It’s a good thing that Avery has opted “to take a step back from the spotlight,”as Popsugar put it, though it’s still horribly sad that this confused young boy is still pretending to be a girl — with his parents’ approval and encouragement. In any case, this appears to be a horrible case of child exploitation in the name of a political agenda that should make anyone who cares about personal liberty sick.

“Transhood” is not about protecting or advancing the rights of the transgender community but is yet another push by people who lack any sort of moral values to make child exploitation acceptable as long as it’s veiled under social justice.

A second segment posted to Twitter by Walsh shines a light on just how far these so-called parents are willing to go to push a new sexual identity onto their children.

In this clip, you see a mother reading a transgender children’s book titled “Jacob’s New Dress” to her 4-year-old son, Phoenix. The book talks about a boy who made himself a dress and asserts the nonsensical notion that there are all sorts of ways to be a boy.

Phoenix tells his mother, “I’m a boy.”

“You’re a rainbow,” she replies. The child also insists that he is wearing girl clothes only to be corrected by his mother that they are “your clothes, so they are boy clothes.”

This documentary glorifies child exploitation and indoctrination in the name of acceptance and tolerance.

It puts off a vibe strikingly similar to the case of James Younger, the 7-year-old old boy in Texas who was being forced to live like a girl by his mother against the wishes of his father, who maintains the boy is being used.

Child exploitation has nothing to do with LGBT rights. Anyone who would try to equate the two issues is either lying or delusional.

The United States was founded on the ideals that every individual deserves to be free —  and that includes children who are being abused and indoctrinated by their parents about sexual identity long before they should even be thinking of the words.


  1. Transgenderism is just another China-Globalist psyops campaign to weaken the USA.
    That so many liberals have fallen in line with this narrative is downright frightening. They are sheep being led to the slaughter, and no matter how many of us conservatives are outside the holding pens yelling “they want to eat you! escape now!” they just ignore us.

  2. This trans-girl exposes again the dangers of having militant queer parents.

    In practice, it appears that the most dangerous influence to a child’s well-being is a militant queer birth mother.

    Professional psychologist and psychiatrist often lie about the dangers of militant queer parents because their diversity supremacist politics supersedes their limited ethics.

  3. Gays or any Leftists for that matter shouldn’t be anywhere near children. They’re all Satanist perverts. It’s time to get biblical in this country. I don’t mean everyone should read their bibles. I’m talking wrath of God biblical.

  4. Have several teachers in the family. They all believe it is a horrible ideal to do this to children. A young child does not yet understand much other then there are boys and girls. As we grow older and the hormones kick in we mature into the reality of what being a boy or girl means. When a child grows up and decides he or she would rather be what they were born to be, they are already ruined biologically by early hormone treatments and surgery.

  5. True, when you become a trans or sodomite your life fills with demons that destroy you within. When you sin against God YHVHs rules, you allow evil spirits access to your life, and these spirits will lead you in more sin and more damnation. When you accept Jesus Yahshua and repent to him, the gateway for the demons into your life closes, you can command them in the name of Jesus to leave

  6. This kids mom is guilty of extreme child abuse. Can you say expoitation? Munchausen syndrome on display.
    Evil people, so sad for the child.

  7. Yes these deviabts in the law who want all men to be macho and all girls to be macho too should be jailed for crimes against nature There has always been effeminate boys and masculine girls and Rheres nothing wrong with that and they dont have to make doctors millionaires by performing ghastly operations on children too young to even consent to sex We know irs really scientific research and theiyre their Guinea pigs .Their monsters.

  8. ” ‘You’re a rainbow,’ she replies.” Who gave them the right to steal God’s rainbow? The rainbow is HOLY. “I set MY bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth… I will remember My covenant, which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and never again shall the water become a flood to destroy all flesh” (Genesis 9:13-15).

    • Rainbows, unicorns and fairies (thinking drag queens, but some of those look more like clowns), all things kids love, they hijacked. Wonder why.

  9. You do realize that this child is complaining about the mother taking advantage of the situation to make millions, not the whole LGBT thing.

  10. There is documented proof that there are distinct physical differences in the male and the female brain.

    If you held one and the other in your hand, the differences are visible.

    There will be a harsh punishment for parents that push this agenda, all to be noticed. Has nothing to do with the
    welfare of the child.

    True malignant self-love and self focus. Shame on them.

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