Hundreds Arrested in World’s Largest Ever Pedophile Ring Raid

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Hundreds arrested in massive international pedophile ring raid

Hundreds of child rapists have been arrested around the world in one of the biggest international pedophile ring raids in history.

Law enforcement discovered sickening child rape imagery including “imagery depicting sadistic acts of sexual abuse of infants and children” after an online service provider reported in 2019 that their services were being use to share images of child sexual abuse, according to a press release from Europol. reports: The investigation so far has led to the opening of 836 cases and the safeguarding of 146 children internationally, the press release said. Police identified more than 100 suspects across the EU and arrested 46 in New Zealand according to the press release.

New Zealand authorities led the investigation, aided by the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and several European countries. 

“This operation will have an impact on the global networks that deal in the most horrific and damaging material, and we are extraordinarily proud of the effect it will have on children’s lives around the world,” said Tim Houston, who led the operation at the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand, according to The New York Times.


  1. they always have these stories once a year, I am sure nothing ever happens to these people, accept they get recruited by the CIA.

  2. Well tell me their names and addresses and I’ll tell you if they’ve caught any if the well respected members of the pedophilia community “Start with the TV land personalities and then go into the news and information set and then go up town into the mansions. Tell me their names.

  3. Let’s see Dick Cheney exposed e a tly as Cathy OBrien published in her book Trance formation of America. Let’s start there With that book Work from the top down. Long before they groomed Epstein.
    Then I will believe that there’s a real investigation into pedophilia when it starts with the old school White House staff and teams and reporters. All those investigative journalists who apparently know nothing. The stony faced liars. All in it for the money.

    • I never heard of that book, but just found it on Amazon kindle unlimited for free, in case anyone is interested.

    • Trance-formation of America should be required reading. As should Thanks for the Memories by Bryce Taylor (I think that’s the Author). If people had paid attention we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today.

  4. I’m sure its always the low hanging fruit that gets arrested, but the big wigs like always gets away without any justice.

  5. Two main issues here; Pedophiles deserve no privacy.. and by inference no-one can have privacy, they may be pedophiles! The first of course is correct! The next? in question. I don’t even trust anymore when some almost high-profile child-wanker is exposed. He simply was no longer useful.

  6. If I was a pedo and got caught, I would not worry about not being unemployable. I would apply to the CIA, UN, Dyncorp, US army, move the the UK. I am sure the UK has exclusive Pedo visas and job assistance at their school systems.

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